Downtown Birmingham Anniversary Session | Jessica and Tyler

Husband dips wife back and kisses her.

The sun warmed Jessica and Tyler’s backs during their Downtown Birmingham Anniversary Session. The city was engulfed in a summery haze behind them. Tyler wrapped his arms around Jessica. Jessica’s eyes closed. Her face softened. He was her safe place.


“Jessica’s eyes closed. Her face softened. He was her safe place.”


She pulled his arms in closer. He smiled. He softly kissed her on the top of the head. After two years of marriage, they wouldn’t hesitate to say “I do” again. They had so much love and life together. A beautiful marriage, a thriving business, a sweet little boy… they wouldn’t trade any of it. God had blessed them immensely. And they were so incredibly thankful.


Jessica and Tyler,

2 years in and one precious little boy later, and your marriage is such a bright light to others! You two are so sweet, genuine, and talented! You have been through so much in your short 2 years as husband and wife, but that hasn’t stolen your joy. In fact, one of the hardest challenges has brought you one of the biggest blessings in your life, sweet Samuel.


I’m so thankful that you two swiped right. 😉 And, I can’t wait to celebrate along with you as your marriage continues to grow in the years to come! Happy second anniversary, you two!


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Husband kisses wife on forehead.
Husband and Wife kiss while sitting on stairs.

Husband and wife snuggle.

Husband dips wife back for a kiss at city overlook.
Husband and wife kiss at sunset.

Husband and wife snuggle on marble stairs.

Married couple kiss and hold hands.
Husband twirls wife at city overlook.

Woman smiles at camera while husband snuggles her.

Married couple walks in front of marble stairs.
Woman in blue and white dress smiles.

Husband dips wife back and kisses her.

Husband smiles at camera while wife smiles at him.
Married couple lean in for kiss.

Husband and wife laugh as they walk.

Husband twirls wife.
Woman looks at camera while husband cuddles her.

Couple kiss surrounded by white marble columns.

Husband snuggles wife as they sit on marble stairs.
Man smiles off camera.

Married couple smile at each other during anniversary session.

Groom holds wife close.
Married couple smile and lean in for kiss.

Married couple kisses while sitting on marble stairs.

Married couple walk down marble stairs.
Woman looks at camera while husband snuggles.

Married couple sit and snuggle.

Married couple cuddle and laugh.
Married couple walk and laugh together.

Married couple cuddle near ornate door.

Married couple look at each other and smile.
Husband and wife look at each other and smile.

Wife looks at camera while husband snuggles her.

Husband and wife hold hands and kiss.
Married couple kiss on terrace.

Husband twirls wife on marble terrace

Husband and wife sit together and smile.
Woman looks off camera and laughs.

Wife smiles towards camera as husband holds her.

Husband and wife laugh and look at each other.
Husband twirls wife on marble landing.

Couple laughs as they walk together.

Couple kisses at city overlook.
Wife snuggles into husband.

Married couple laughs as they walk hand in hand.

Couple laughs while snuggling on stairs
Husband and wife snuggle by large white doors.

Woman laughs as husband snuggles.

Married couple walk and laugh together.
Man smiles at camera.

Woman giggles towards camera.

Couple cuddles on anniversary.
Married couple hug and smile.

Couple smiles at camera.

Couple walks together in front of white stairs.
Woman plays with hair while man cuddles her.

Couple walks hand in hand and laughs.

Woman laughs off camera.
Man kisses wife on forehead.

Woman looks over shoulder as man smiles at her.

Woman smiles over shoulder while husband smiles at her.
Husband and wife smile at camera.

Husband and wife kiss on terrace.


Locations for Jessica and Tyler’s Downtown Birmingham Anniversary Session

Downtown Birmingham and City Overlook



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