Couple kisses in front of purple door.

He was nervous. And he couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t finish dinner. He looked at Megan, his girlfriend, as they spent time in one of their favorite cities. Could she tell? Did she know his plan? He had no idea. However, it was going well thus far. It was a beautiful night in St. Augustine. The two had walked the streets, perused the shops, and eaten at The Columbia. But, Jed had planned this special evening on purpose. And every time he thought about his plan, he started fidgeting with the object in his pocket. He fiddled with it for most of the night. He was waiting for the right time. The perfect moment to propose. Hoping that she would say yes.


A little over a year ago, Megan and Jed’s lives changed in this city. So, it seemed only fitting to celebrate one year of marriage with a romantic St. Augustine anniversary session in this same city!! And, friends, it was such a wonderful night!! Megan and Jed are beyond sweet and so fun to be with! As we walked through those gorgeous streets, we laughed the majority of the time! Their smiles came easily and their jokes were plentiful. (AKA: the best sessions!)


And even though I love the streets and alleyways of St. Augustine, I couldn’t have predicted how much I would swoon over the end of our session! The water and sunset were so beautiful that night. Pairing that with playful smiles and an adventurous perspective, we got so many amazing images! And, guys, when I say adventurous. I mean adventurous. Megan was rocking those heels while standing on slanted docks. That’s right, slanted. Like 30-40 degree slanted docks. And she looked absolutely fabulous doing it. (Despite Jed pretending to push her into the water!)

Megan and Jed,

I had such an amazing time! And I loved getting to know you better during the session! Thank you so much for allowing me to take your anniversary portraits. You two have such sweet hearts and clearly love being together! I pray that your marriage continue to strengthen and bless you and everyone around you. I look forward to seeing what amazing things the two of you accomplish together and watching your children learn from your joyful example! Happy Anniversary, you two!

Man and woman touch foreheads.
Man picks woman up on St. Augustine Street.

Couple kisses in front of purple door.

Married couple laughs in St. Augustine.
Couple laughs in St. Augustine.

Man picks woman up.

Man and woman almost kiss in front of purple door.
Woman smiles at the camera.

Woman leans head on husband.

Man and woman laugh together.
Married couple kisses in front of purple door.

Couple walks and smiles at each other by the ocean.

Woman smiles at camera while husband leans his head on her.
Couple smiles at each other near ocean.

Man and woman stand on boardwalk.

Married couple walk along the St. Augustine Coast.
Married couple kiss.

Married couple stands on St. Augustine boardwalk.

Couple stands on dock and smiles at each other.
Woman laughs towards the camera while getting a hug.

Married couple touch foreheads.

Woman smiles at man.
Couple kisses on St. Augustine boardwalk.

Couple hugs on St. Augustine dock.

Man twirls woman on boardwalk.
Married couple stands on a dock.

Woman smiles at the camera while hugging husnband.

Married couple goes in for a kiss.
Man and woman smile at the camera.

Man and woman walk and smile at each other.

Man and woman walk along St. Augustine coast.
Couple kisses on boardwalk.

Man lifts woman and kisses her on St. Augustine dock.



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