Rollins College Engagement Session | Asha and Jiri

Man and woman touch foreheads at end of a dock.

The sun had just gone down. Jiri was walking along with his fiance, his bride-to-be. They were chatting after their Rollins College Engagement Session. And then, he bent down and started taking off his shoes. To onlookers, it might have seemed strange that he picked that moment to take his shoes off. But, it was one of the sweetest and most selfless acts that they could have witnessed.


“But, it was one of the sweetest and most selfless acts that they could have witnessed.”


Asha had just offhandedly mentioned that her feet hurt (which was totally understandable!). She had spent the majority of the day prepping for the engagement session. Plus, she had spent a lot of time in heels. So, by the end of the night, she was ready to be off her feet. And as soon as she mentioned this, without a second thought, Jiri started taking off his shoes.


As he took them off and helped her into them, she looked and him and then looked at me. And all I could see in her eyes was admiration and thankfulness. He didn’t have to give her his shoes. We could see the car from where we were. He could have told her to hang in there for the next 5 minutes. He could have just dismissed what she said. Or, he could have told her that his feet hurt too. But, instead, he decided to care for and serve her in that moment. He deeply loved her, and he showed that through his selflessness.


“He deeply loved her, and he showed that through his selflessness.”


As we continued through the parking lot, chatting as we had before, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. And I just kept getting more and more excited that they had found each other. And that soon, they would be husband and wife.


Asha and Jiri, I am so thankful that you are allowing me to be apart of your wedding day! I am over the moon that I get to celebrate with the two of you! Your relationship is so genuine, and I cannot wait to capture your precious moments on your wedding day!



Engaged couple kiss in front of white building.
Engaged couple stands in sunlight with buildings behind.

Engaged couple hugs.

Man and woman smile in traditional Indian outfits.
Engaged couple stand in stairway.

Couple smiles at each other with sunshine coming through trees.

Engaged woman in traditional Indian attire.
Man and woman stand by stairway.

Bride and groom walk together.

Man and woman smile at camera in Indian outfits.
Closeup of woman's earrings.

Engaged couple cuddle on college campus.

Man and woman hugj.
Man kisses fiance on forehead.

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Close up of man and woman snuggling.
Man an woman look at each other next to stairway.

Engaged couple walks in front of library.

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Bride-to-be smiles at camera.

Man brings fiance in for a kiss
Man holds chin of fiance.

Engaged couple stand to the end of a dock.
Man and woman cuddle at sunset.

Engaged couple snuggles on dock.

Woman leans towards camera and smiles.
Engaged couple holds hands in front of white building.

Engaged couple kisses during pink sunset.
Man and woman touch foreheads at end of a dock.

Man and woman smile at the camera at sunset.
Engaged couple touch foreheads at sunset.

Man holds woman as she smiles at the camera.


Locations for Asha & Jiri’s Rollins College Engagement Session:

Rollins College



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