The Airport Life

Moving walkways in airport

The sound of rolling bags and chatter fills the air. The wonderful smell of Chick-fil-a and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (my current situation…. #thestruggle) drifts to your seat. You constantly check the clock to see how long you have until your plane starts boarding. You feel out of place and exhausted. So, you seek an escape. A way to make waiting and discomfort easier. So, you pull out your phone.

Most of us have been there. From a long layover to sprinting to your gate. Traveling is never as pleasant as you would like it to be. In fact, my mother has worked for Delta Air Lines for 20 years, so I am pretty accustomed to flying. But, I’ve been flying more than usual lately. And whether it’s for weddings, special events, or seeing family, it all begins and ends in the airport.

So, here are just 2 things I have found to help me have a better airport experience.

1.Use your time wisely.

I’ve noticed a few bad airport habits that I have picked up recently. The foremost being that I spend SO MUCH TIME on my phone. Like, an unreal amount of time. I just sit there and scroll and scroll and scroll. Instagram. Facebook. Email (But, I don’t actually answer any). Repeat. And once I get tired of scrolling, I go through the various games that I have on my phone until I’m tired of those. Aka: Instagram time.

However, today, I have made a deliberate effort to use my time wisely. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to gain back the hours wasted in an airport. I shouldn’t feel like an entire day has been spent. And, surprisingly, I have gotten a whole lot of business planning and writing done. I’m thankful for the time I have had today to work.

So, bring something productive with you. Plus, it actually helps time pass quickly!! <3

2.Walk around.

It dawned on me today that we drive to the airport to sit at our gate to sit on an airplane. Whew, friends, that’s a lot of sitting! No wonder we hurt and are so exhausted after traveling! So, every so often, take a lap around your section. You don’t have to go far. Just enough for your legs to wake up a bit. It will make you feel better and give you something to do for a few minutes.


Well, friends, I know that’s not very many tips (is two even a list?), but it’s time for me to go walk around a little. Haha. I hope this helps you on your next adventure!!



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