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I am so excited for you! Graduation! What an awesome accomplishment! Senior Portraits are a fantastic way to capture your personality and style during your last year in high school! It can also be stressful since it may be the first time you are alone in front of a camera! Check out these 27 tips for great senior pictures! These tips will help you figure out which outfits to wear, what styles to choose, and what things to bring with you. I hope that these tips empower you to rock your senior portrait experience and feel more confident in front of the camera!

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15. Protect Your Skin

Avoid getting sunburned before your session. If you are red and peeling, you should probably reschedule.

16. Makeup Tips

Follow your normal makeup routine, but apply your makeup a little heavier than you would on a normal day.

17.Focus on Your Eyes

Be precise when applying eye makeup since this is where I will focus in all your portraits.

18. Plan for Touch-Ups

I highly recommend bringing chap stick, lipstick, foundation, powder, hairspray, etc. Also, bring a few makeup remover wipes, just in case.

19. Avoid the Glare

If you wear glasses, there is a chance that there will be a glare in your images. To lower the chance of glass glare in your images, you can visit your optometrist to see if they will lend you a pair of glasses without lenses, or you can have your lenses removed from your glasses.



20. Plan Your Hairstyle

Pick your hairstyle a few weeks before your session, and practice! If you are doing your own hair, do not try a new hairstyle the day of the session. You want to try and pick a classic hairstyle. If you need a little extra hold, add some hairspray, but do not too much.

21. Should I get A Haircut?

You should get your haircut at least a month before your session (girls) or a week before your session (guys). A haircut will make your hair more shiny, healthy, and natural for your session.

22. Hair Styles to Avoid

Try to avoid major hair style changes before your session including hair color. Whether you are doing your own hair or having a professional do it, you want your pictures to look like you.

23. Don’t forget to shave!

Girls – Remember to shave your legs and underarms.
Guys – Shave or trim your beard the day of your session.

24. Clean or Polished Nails

Your hands will be in the majority of your images, so make sure your nails are clean, trimmed, and/or freshly painted.



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