How To Have Stress Free Senior Pictures | Before the Session

High School senior looks to the side at sunset.

Your senior year of high school is filled with school activities, applications, and your senior portraits! If you have never had portraits taken before, the process can be intimidating. “What should I bring?” “What should I wear?” “Where should I take them?” All of these questions are legitimate and necessary. As a senior photographer, I have created a list of tips to help you have stress free senior pictures.



You Time/Date will vary on your photographers availability, but you also need to pick a time/date in which you have nothing immediately before or after the session. It will take time to get ready, drive to the location, etc. This also applies to after the session. When picking a time/date, keep in mind that you will need more time than your allotted slot.



Firstly, I would suggest looking through your photographer’s blog! That is an easy way to narrow down what type of location you are looking for! Keep in mind that you can pick more than one type of location (beach, park, urban area, etc.) if multiple locations are included in your session! When you find a location that you like, check out the location’s website for hours of operations and if they charge a photography fee.

If you are unsure about locations, ask your photographer. They are likely to have suggestions or a list to help you pick your locations.




Many photographers ask their clients to fill out senior questionnaires. These questionnaires allow the photographer to get to know you better, so they can personalize your photography experience. Make sure you fill out the questionnaire at least a week before your session, so your photographer has time to plan!



Discuss what props and outfits you plan to use and other aspects of the shoot. Usually, the photographer will have suggestions on how to get the most out of your session.


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