Florida Dining Room

Hey friends!

So, it’s official! We have our new home! We have been here for 2 days and have been cleaning up a storm! Our furniture is arriving next week from Indiana, so we are living it up in our very empty house!


But, I know why you are here! You want to see the house! Well, you are in luck, my friend! I have all the pretty pictures below!


Well, firstly, let me say that we LOVE the floors! They are so pretty! And they catch your eye as soon as you walk through the front door (on the right)! Once you walk in, the dining area is immediately to the right (left in this picture)! An open floor plan was one our biggest wants for our new home because we love entertaining!

Florida Dining Room

The dining area and entry way flow right into the living space. We like the high ceilings and recessed lighting in this room! #joannagaines

Florida Living Room

Bonus! We have a second living area directly connected to the first! It is very long, but it has a fireplace and a mantle! Oh, and a continuation of these lovely floors!

Den with fireplace in Florida

Next, we have the eat-in kitchen! I love this space! It is so bright from the windows, and the tile is light and gorgeous! This may be my favorite spot of the house!

Once you turn around, boom! There’s our kitchen! I’m not going to lie, the white cabinets are a plus!

White Florida Kitchen

I like kitchens, so here are a bunch of pictures. Haha.

Florida Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
White Florida Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
White Kitchen in Florida

Off the kitchen are the guest rooms. Both of the rooms look alike, and the bathroom is in the middle.

Florida Bedroom
Florida Bathroom


However, the previous owner was into tile murals. These lilies are all over this tiled shower.

Decorative Lilly Tiles


We adore this cute little master bedroom! Our blowup mattress even looks pretty adorable.

Florida Master Bedroom


Drumroll, please! We have his and hers closets in this house. Who is super pumped? *raises hand frantically*

Walking Closet
Walk-in Closet


The master bath is a little dated, but definitely functional. I’m super glad that they kept the white cabinets though.

Florida Master Bathroom
Florida Master Bathroom and Shower


So, apparently these people really, really liked shower tile murals. Because we have a large one in the master shower. #florida

Title Mural in Florida

The Lanai. Aka- screened in back porch
We are super pumped about this space. Even though it is currently really gross. (Like giant spiders everywhere!) We see all the potential of this area!

Florida Lanai

The other side. 🙂

Lanai in Florida

Annddd. The back yard.

Florida Back yard

Annddd. The front yard.

House Front in Florida

Annddd… the place where SNAKES like to hide. That’s right people. Snakes. When taking these pictures, two snakes were chillin out on top of these bushes. I like snakes and all, but not in my front yard…. For full details, see my instastories (1/27/18). Haha.

Shrubs in Florida front door

So, that’s it friends!! Our new home!! I’m do another blog post once we have stuff in it, so you can see it all pretty and stuff. 🙂

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