Modern and Southern decorated living room

We were tired.We had stayed up late the previous night, and our car was filled to the brim with belongings. We were ready. Well, as ready as we could be. Leaving Indiana would be one of the hardest things we have ever done. The relationships that we had built were invaluable and life changing. But, it was time to go.

“The relationships we had built were invaluable and life changing. But, it was time to go.”

We finished up our final to-do list, and we said our last goodbyes to the our home from the last three years. Finally, we got in the car, and we headed South.

Modern and Southern decorated living room
Bedroom with large king bed in the middle
Kitchen with Brown Cabinets

Josh and I had decided a few weeks before that we would make this move an adventure. We would stop various places and enjoy ourselves as we traveled to the sunshine state. And our first stop was my parent’s house. Thanksgiving Day was the next day, so it was only natural that we stayed with my parent through the holiday. And we are so thankful that we did.We had a traditional/non-traditional Thanksgiving meal with special accommodations for my food allergies. {Goodbye rolls and pumpkin pie!} But, I loved every second. I treasure when I get to see my family. Because we live in different states, we only get to see each other a handful of times each year, so every time is very important to me.

My parents own a 100-acre farm in the Tennessee countryside, away from all major cities. So, it is a great escape and relaxing spot for the holidays. Their house sits on the top of a large “hill,” and overlooks their property and the valley below. It is an absolutely gorgeous spot! Especially, since the leaves were still beautiful fall colors!!

Tenneessee valley at sunset

The view from my parent’s barn at sunset!


Bonus: While Josh and I were there, the farm gained a new family member! On Saturday, we loaded the trailer and went to go pick up a horse that my parents had been given! They decided to name her Freckles. And, she is a doll!

Orange trees during fall.
White horse in stall

My parents farm also happens to be within driving distance of Nashville! So, we spent a few nights driving up to enjoy the city’s festivities. We saw giant ice sculptures, slid down ice slides, participated in a breakout room (cellphone proof below!), and roamed through the Opry Mills Hotel {which in it’s own right is a dream!}. We also were able to have dinner with my aunt and cousin! We never get to see them, so that was such a special treat!

Driving Down Interstate during fall
Tennessee welcom sign
Nashville Skyline in black and white.

Oh, and we also found the best restaurant ever! {Okay, I might be a tad bit biased}. It’s called the Aquarium Restaurant. And you guessed it! It’s an aquarium!

You might be thinking… okay, that’s cool, but why are you so excited?? Well, I actually really wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger. I am fascinated with the ocean. But I’ve never lived close enough to one for it to be considered a plausible profession. So, this restaurant was like…. AMAZING.

If you are ever in Nashville, please please please go to this restaurant! You won’t regret it!

The day before we left my parent’s house, I had a crazy idea! I had seen a cotton field about a mile from my parent’s house earlier in the week, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. {Since I was born and raised in Alabama, cotton fields hold a very special place in my heart.} So finally, I turned to Josh and said, “Let’s take pictures in the cotton field!” I anticipated him looking at me like I was crazy… a look I get often. 😀 But, instead, he was all in!

“Since I was born and raised in Alabama, cotton fields hold a very special place in my heart.”

So, we drove to the cotton field in between church services, I set up my camera and had everything ready to go. And then I realized what was missing. I had left my remote trigger at the house. Oops! And since chivalry is not dead, my dear sweet husband jumped in the car to go get the trigger.

It wasn’t until he left that I realized my current circumstances. I was standing alone. In some random person’s cotton field. With a camera, no cellphone, and no way of leaving. Not the smartest decision… Luckily, Josh came back. And with a breath of relief, we used the last bit of sunlight to take some portraits!! {Full blog post here!!!} Happy 5th Anniversary to us!!

Married couple stands in cotton field for Anniversary session.
Anniversary session in cotton field.
Couple kisses in cotton field
Couple laughs in cottons field.
Couple leans heads together in cotton field.

So after a wonderful visit with my parents, we were finally off again! And we had to drive through my very favorite state, Alabama. Not only is it home, but it also has fabulous barbeque! So, we had to indulge on our drive through! P.S. Full Moon Barbecue is awesome! You need to try it!

Full Moon Barbecue storefront
Alabama welcome sign

Shortly before leaving Indiana, we decided where to travel after leaving my parent’s house. And we were SOOO EXCITED! Instead of driving straight through Alabama and into Florida, we took a rather lengthy detour. We headed East… to Charleston! It took us about 8 hours to drive from central Tennessee to Charleston, but the drive was well worth it! The sunset was extraordinary as we entered South Carolina that evening.

Oak tree at sunset

Once we got settled in our Air B&B {our first time!}, we had dinner and went to bed. Because, honestly, we were so so so tired. But, we made plans to get up early the next morning and watch the sun rise from the coast! And though I am not a morning person, I’m glad we did it. 😉

line of palm trees at sunrise
dock over water at sunrise
Palm Tree at Sunrise

After the sunrise, we went and found breakfast on King Street and planned out our day. When driving around that morning, we had seen how beautiful the Southern part of the city was! Josh and I both love Southern architecture, so we wanted to just walk around historic section of Charleston first. I think we intended for it to take about an hour or less…. 2-3 hours later, we were in love. The colors, the trees, the flower boxes, the doors, the wrap-around porches… it was all so enchanting… I never wanted to leave. We even talked about owning a {very} small house there when we retire!!

“I think we intended for it to take about an hour or less…. 2-3 hours later, we were in love.”

The rest of the day was spent going out to Fort Sumter, walking through the City Market, and enjoying various other areas of this gorgeous city! P.S. I have so many pictures of Charleston! So, I wrote an entire blog post on JUST CHARLESTON! Click here to see the full Charleston blog!

White Marble Stairs with Black Railing
White Charleston Mansion
flower box on whitewashed brick wall
White marble stairs with garland
White Marble details on buildings
Whiet marble stairs
Small Bistro in Charleston
wooden doors on white building
brick building with black shutters
large wooden doors on white building
fox door knocker
Wroght iron window covering
White steeple in fall in Charleston
white doors in pink building
Whitedwashed brick wall and tree
blue crown molding
blue buillding and sidewalk
Worn white marble stairs
man straighens sunglasses
Nautical Rope tied to boat
whitewashed brick wall and windows
Chaleston City Market
woman laughs in purple jacket

Our second day in Charleston was dedicated to seeing old plantations. Josh is fascinated with Civil War history, so we was particularly excited about seeing these plantations. We went to both Magnolia Plantation and Middleton Place Plantation in Northern Charleston. Both were exquisite! The landscaping, the plantation houses, and the atmosphere were all stunning!!! I may or may not have spent an abnormal time swooning over the Spanish moss covered oaks… 😉

“The landscaping, the plantation houses, and the atmosphere were all stunning!”

Magnolia Gardens Live Oak
Middleton Plantation Landscape
Ivy growing up window
White Balcony Railing
White Columns at Magnolia Gardens Mansion
Iron Spade in Fence
Middleton Place Plantation Pathway
Spanish moss at Magnolia Gardens
Live Oak at Magnoila Gardens
Miniature Horse running

And this guy was pretty adorable too!

Magnolia Gardens Mansion and Grounds
Large white column with small crack

And I also spent quite a lot of time petting the Clydesdales! <3
After our two days in Charleston, we continued down the East Coast. And since Savannah is along the way, we had to stop! Plus, Josh had never been there! And since I had been to Savannah before, I knew exactly where we were going to stay! During my trip to Savannah this summer with my mom, we stayed at the Dulinn on York. It’s amazingly priced and SOOOO PRETTY! Every time I go, I fall a little bit more in love with the modern vibe with Southern details.

“Every time I go, I fall a little bit more in love with the modern vibe with Southern details.”

So, of course, I had to take a billon pictures… {blog post all about the Dulinn on York coming soon!} Besides admiring our hotel room, we spent the day wandering the city and enjoying it’s unique Southern charm.

Dulinn on York Living Room in Savannah Georgia
Dulinn on York Decor in Dinning Room
Dulinn on York Bedroom
Gold Letters Spelling Savannah
Industrial Iron Chandelier
Dulinn on York Dinning Decor
Dulinn on York Bedroom Decor
Ocean Crown Molding
Wooden Doors in Savannah Georgia

My favorite outing in Savannah needed a little bit on an introduction. When my mom and I came to Savannah this past summer, we had intended to go to the Wormsloe Historic Site. However, we arrived 4 minutes after closing! I was pretty bummed. However, since we were now back in the city, Josh and I were going to make sure that we went! And I wasn’t disappointed. Wormsloe’s famous feature is a mile of large live oaks. Yes, people! You heard me right! This line of gorgeous trees is ONE MILE LONG! It’s crazy beautiful! And it seems to go on forever!

Wormsloe Historic Site Live Oaks in Savannah

Cell phone credit to Josh!! 😉

Majestic Oak in Savannah Georgia

Although we could have spent weeks in those lovely, Southern cities, we needed to make our way down to Florida. So, we packed up our car again and headed towards our new life. I have never lived in the sunshine state, but it decided to welcome us well. As we drove past the “Welcome to Florida” sign, the sun was beaming and beautiful. And, we are pleased to say that the same adjectives apply to everyone that we have met in Florida. They have been so welcoming and warm. And we are excited to start this new journey.

Florida welcome sign



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