whitewashed brick wall with two windows in it

We were in a dream. We had to be. There was no other explanation for the beauty that surrounded us on that crisp morning. On each house, the stone and marble embraced the wrought iron railing and wrap around porch. Perfectly complimenting and displaying its Southern charm. As we continued, we noticed each street seemed to tell a story. A beautiful and old story about its lovely city. And the story deepened with each new street we ventured down. Weather and time had taken its toll. It was obvious to see the distress and settling of each building. But, it somehow enhanced the character and charm. Making each wall a unique tale of time and seasons.


“…Each street seemed to tell a story. A beautiful and old story about its lovely city.”


Josh and I keep a list. It’s a rather long list, and it sometimes appears on napkins and notes. It’s a list of the places we would love to visit one day. And as we travel, we check these places off our list. Although most of our list contains places and countries abroad, Charleston had always been on our list. So when Josh and I decided to make the 5 hour “detour” to South Carolina while moving to Florida {click here to read our full moving blog}, I was ecstatic. And friends, let me reassure you. Charleston did not disappoint.

But if I’m honest, we didn’t follow the norms in Charleston. Against what every internet source said, King Street was not our scene. We actually found King Street to be nothing but shopping and dining. Now, we do love to eat, so that was a plus. But, we can shop anywhere!! We wanted to venture away from the main strip. To wander through the heart of the city. And, fortunately, we found just that!


“We wanted to venture away from the main strip. To wander through the heart of the city.”


Our first morning in the city, we decided to watch the sunrise in Waterfront Park. Well, Josh decided that he wanted to watch the sunrise, and I {not a morning person} begrudgingly agreed. However, let it be known, I was wrong! It was worth the early wake up call!!! The colors beautifully reflected off of the water while the palmetto trees lined the shore. After the sunrise, we quickly grabbed some breakfast before heading to the Southern most tip of the Charleston peninsula. We decided that we would park there and walk through the historic district. Little did we know, that this plan would turn into a 3 hour expedition. But, guys, it was my FAVORITE PART! I quickly fell in love with all the details! The walls, the windows, the landscaping, the railing, the marble. It was all incredibly gorgeous!


“The colors beautifully reflected off of the water while the palmetto trees lined the shore.”


So that’s what I focused on and photographed: Charleston in detail. I hope you enjoy the images from our trip as much as I do. <3


whitewashed brick wall and windows
White marble staircase with iron railing and garland
White Charleston Mansion
Whiet marble stairs
white doors in pink building
White and Carved Balcony Railing
Middleton Place Plantation Pathway
blue buillding and sidewalk
Number "4" decorated tile
planter box on brick wall window
Whitedwashed brick wall and tree
White church steeple on cloudy day
white house with black door
flower box on whitewashed brick wall
large wooden doors on white building
Window in old white washed brick wall.
White door and rusted door knob
Wroght iron window covering
black iron staircase railing
Small Bistro in Charleston
white marble steps
Black shutters on white window and wall
fox door knocker
Live Oaks and Spanish Moss
blue crown molding
blue building and flower box
Purple and white flowers in planter box
brick stairs with ivy growing on it
Small Pink House in Charleston
Miniature Horse running
Chalreston city hall with flags flying
Chaleston City Market
cream stone fence with iron gate
Palm Tree at Sunrise
dock at sunrise
Live Oak Pathway at Middledon Place Plantation
Charleston dock at sunrise
Spanish moss at Magnolia Gardens
White Columns at Magnolia Gardens Mansion
White Marble Stairs with Black Railing
Chruch tower during fall
blue window in old brick building
Oak tree at sunset
White Marble details on buildings
Pink church with palm tree in front
Peach wall with fall foliage in front
White marble stairs with garland
Gold Antique door knob
Chalreston Live Oaks at Magnolia Gardens
antique gold door knob
Ivy growing up window
Marble staircase with black iron railing
Spanish Moss in Charleston
White Balcony at Magnolia Gardens Mansion
Worn white marble stairs
cream wall with ornate white windows
Palm Tree Bark
White Beams in the Charleston city Market
Large white column with small crack
Magnolia Gardens Mansion and Grounds
Charleston City Scape
Charleston cable bridge
Blue and white railing of boat
nautical rope tied on boat
wooden doors on white building
White Marble Staircase with Black railing
Charleston Spanish moss hanging from tree
Peach brick wall and iron gate
Planter box on whitewashed brick wall.
brick building with black shutters
Iron Spade in Fence
Middleton Place Plantation Reflection
White Balcony Railing
black iron design over window
White brick fence
White church steeple
white entryway with blue walls
whitewashed brick wall with two windows in it
Live Oak at Magnoila Gardens
antique gold door knocker on brown door
Sunrise along Charleston Water Path
Nautical Rope tied to boat
Riverboat in water
Sunrise in Charleston Bay Marina
Middleton Plantation Landscape
Spanish Moss in Charleston
line of palm trees at sunrise

Image Locations:

Downtown Charleston

Waterfront Park

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Middleton Place Plantation



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