Couple kisses in sunlit garden.

The sun was bright and harsh. It hit the leaves of the trees turning them a golden hue. In the sun, the heat was sweltering. But, a cool breeze raced through the shaded walkways below. And, Chloe and Brenan walked through those paths smiling during their Birmingham Botanical Gardens Engagement Session. There is no better way […]

White, wedding pavilion at Camelot Manor

It’s time for the Camelot Manor Wedding Venue Walkthrough! I love this venue, so I’m so excited to be sharing the ins and outs of this property with you! The centerpiece of this venue is the beautiful, white pavilion for your ceremony or reception space. The lighting here is always perfect no matter what time […]

Man dips woman back at sunset.

The sunshine gleamed. Turning the green grass a golden hue. Cody held Kailee’s hand at their Railroad Park Engagement Session. Just a few months prior, he had asked her to be his wife. To spend their lives together. To be the best of friends through the blessings and challenges of life.   “He had asked […]

Couple walks through grassy field.

The wind whipped through the trees. Blowing fiercely back and forth. But instead of letting it dampen Jacy & Trevor’s Spring Engagement Session in Birmingham, they embraced it. They founds ways to work around it or use it to their advantage. Because, ultimately, they were getting married no matter how hard the wind was blowing. […]

Bride smiles as groom snuggles in.

It was the perfect March evening. The golden sun crept down behind the mountains. Spring blossoms floated down from the dogwood trees. And, the crowd cheered. Callie and Carter had just been pronounced husband and wife at their Park Crest Event Facility wedding. Their smiles beamed as they embraced and kissed. Finally. They were married. […]

Couple leans back and go in for a kiss.

Winter was coming to an end. The grass was still brown. The tree were still bare. But, a hit of warmth hung in the air. Spring was coming. As it always did. And Kaytlyn smiled at Grant, just as she always did. Their love as reliable as the seasons. And, as they walked together during […]

Bride and groom read letters from one another.

Rain fell from overcast skies. Running down the white columns and softly hitting the marble staircase. It was raining, but still a beautiful day for mid-January. And, it was the perfect backdrop for Molly and Trey’s monochromatic winter wedding. Molly stood back to back with Trey. Sheltered by the awning as the rain continued to […]

Bride smiles at camera while groom smiles at bride.

  Soft light filtered through the windows. Aubrey sat on the bridal suite bed. Her bridesmaids surrounded her. She smiled as they talked about her summer wedding at The Sonnet House. She was going to marry the love of her life. Her best friend. And, the threat of a summer shower couldn’t shake her. She […]

Wedding party surrounds bride and groom and laugh.

Clouds drifted through the blue, June skies. Birds whistled as the sun peeked through the tree leaves. The air smelled of freshly manicured grass. And Olivia and Will stood together at their classic Auburn University Club Wedding. Each of their mothers held tightly onto their arms as they took family portraits. They looked at each […]

Bride and groom walk and talk with wedding party.

Thunder sounded. The sky darkened. Guests looked towards the sky. They slowly started reaching for their umbrellas at Sarah and Reid’s Summer Wedding at Foxwood Events. And then the rain began to fall. Large drops falling on Sarah and Reid’s head as they said their vows. Bridesmaids started leaning forward. Trying to see if Sarah […]