Sunset Engagement Session in Downtown Tampa

Couple smiles while leaning against stone railing.

The golden sun sank lower in the sky. Sounds of a bustling city filled the afternoon air. The soothing breeze blew lightly at Lauren’s curls. Her engagement ring caught flakes of the sunlight. And John, the man who had given her that ring, her fiance, smiled at her. His hand gently tightened around hers during their sunset engagement session in downtown Tampa. She smiled back at him as they started to walk and laugh together. And with each step, their giggles grew.


But, this laughter wasn’t new. They had a wonderful habit of laughter-filled evenings. Not only because they were best friends, but because they made each other smile in ways no one else could. They had a connection that was full of trust and joy. They understood each other in a very deep and real way. And, no walls stood between them.


So, they laughed.


“Not only because they were best friends, but because they made each other smile in ways no one else could.”


Lauren and John,

You two are the. most. fun. For real! The impromptu dance parties and abundant laughs made the night oh so enjoyable! And, it served as such an amazing reminder of how wonderful you two are together! Your passion, kindness, and fun make you two unmistakably meant for each other! You highlight each other’s strengths and work together so, so well. I cannot wait to help you tie the knot in just a few short months because I know you two will be starting your lives as best friends! (And I can’t wait for some more dance parties! ;)) I’m counting down every second, (almost) Mr. & Mrs. Capille!

Couple cuddles on staircase at sunset.
Couple walks on patio at University of Tampa.

Couple cuddles near staircase.

Engaged couple walks along path.
Engaged couple leans in for kiss.

Engaged couple snuggles near stone staircase.

Couple smiles at camera in front of staircase.
Couple walks along patio pathway.

Couple smiles at each other.

Couple looks at each other and laughs.
Couple kisses during engagement shoot.

Couple hugs near staircase.

Closeup of engagement ring.
Couple leans in for kiss near oak trees.

Groom twirls bride-to-be

Bride-to-be leans forward and smiles.
Guy kisses fiance on forehead.

Engagement couple smiles at camera.

Couple laughs together near white wall.
Couple snuggles in front of Oxford Exchange.

Close up of engagement ring at sunset.

Couple sits together.
Couple touch foreheads in front of Oxford Exchange.

Couple snuggles on staircase.

Couple laughs together on stone bridge.
Couple walks together along bridge path.

Couple leans against bridge railing.

Man dips fiance on stone bridge.
Woman looks back over shoulder

Couple smiles while leaning against stone railing.

Couple snuggles at sunset.
Couple poses in front of Tampa theater.

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