Dreamy St Petersburg Engagement Session | Marissa and John

Woman laughs towards her fiance.

The wind blew along the Florida coast. The sunlit leaves swayed back and forth. Marissa tightened her grip on Cooper’s leash during her dreamy St Petersburg engagement session. She smiled at John. This was it. This little family that they had built was all she wanted. And soon, she would be able to call John her husband. She had waited to long to do that. But, she would wait patiently for the next few months. Enjoying every second of their engagement. Because he was worth it. Because they had their whole lives ahead of them.


“This was it. This little family that they had built was all she wanted.”


Marissa and John’s engagement session was just as the title suggests… dreamy. We started their session with the oak trees in Phillippe Park. And, friends, it was gorgeous! The sun pouring through the leaves gave so much light and movement to their images! From there we went to downtown St. Petersburg and found some gorgeous spots! The white stone, the twinkle lights, and… let’s be honest… John and Marissa’s amazing outfit! It was just perfect!


Marissa and John,

Gah, you two! I can’t believe your wedding is less that 6 months away! I am so ready to celebrate with you as you pledge your love to one another! Your engagement session was so much fun (because you two are just too sweet!), so I know your wedding will be amazing! <3 Here’s to the next 5 months of excitement!!


Couple walks dog through wooded area.
Engaged Couple cuddles in woodland.

Engaged couple laughs while standing in road.

Man kisses fiance on forehead.
Couple smiles at camera in woodland.

Couple leans in for kiss at sunset.

Couple walks through park.
Couple sits with their dog.

Engaged couple walks towards camera and smiles.

Couple snuggles in Phillippe Park.
Couple smiles at camera at sunset.

Couple smiles while standing in road.

Couple smiles at sunset in Phillippe Park.
Couple cuddles under large oak trees.

Couple walks dog through park.

Couple leans in for kiss at sunset.
Man kisses bride-to-be on forehead.

Couple walks through wooded area at sunset.

Man kisses woman on temple in St. Petersburg FL
Engaged Couple cuddles in downtown setting

Engaged couple smiles standing on walkway.

Bride-to-be leans towards camera and smiles
Man twirls his bride-to-be in downtown St. Pete

Couple smiles at camera in urban downtown.

Couple kisses on palm tree lined path.
Couple walks on downtown sidewalk.

Couple leans in for kiss in urban setting.

Couple smiles with their dog.
Man twirls woman in downtown St. Pete.

Woman laughs towards her fiance.

Woman smiles at camera while fiance hugs her.
Closeup of engaged couple.

Couple dances in Downtown St. Petersburg

Couple walks dog through downtown St. Pete.
Engaged couple snuggles with urban backdrop.

Engaged couple kisses in urban setting.

Bride-to-be smiles as fiance hugs her.

Locations for Marissa & John’s Dreamy St Petersburg Engagement Session:

Philippe Park

Downtown St. Petersburg



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