Downtown St Petersburg Engagement Session | Lindsey and Colby

Couple walks down beach path and laughs.

A low cloud hung over the ocean. The sand met the water as it calmly lapped against the shore. Lindsey and Colby smiled as their goldendoodle, Astra, ran to meet them. Astra promptly greeted them with licks on the hands. They laughed together. Though their wedding was still months away, but it felt so close. From the college gym in Kansas to coastal, sunny Florida, they had experienced so many life changes together. But, their marriage was the one that they looked forward to the most. Colby put his hand around Linsdey’s waist. She smiled at him as they started their Downtown St Petersburg Engagement Session. They would be Mr. and Mrs. soon, and they couldn’t wait.


“But, their marriage was the one that they looked forward to the most.”


From the beach next to Vinoy Park to downtown St. Petersburg, Lindsey and Colby absolutely blew me away at their sunrise session! And, yes friends, I said sunrise session! But, not only were they amazingly sweet and ready-to-go at 6:30am (they deserve medals), but so was their adorable pup, Astra, and Lindsey’s best friend, Lillian! #bestfriendgoals So, needless to say, we had an absolute blast! So, who is pumped about their wedding? I think we all are!


Lindsey and Colby,

You two (and Astra) are so sweet! And, I am so thankful that I get to celebrate your engagement with you. But, more importantly, I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage! Not only the day you say “I do”, but every day after that. I am so excited that you get to spend the rest of your lives with you best friend! February can’t come soon enough!



Couple stands on beach with goldendoodle.
Groom twirls bride on sidewalk by beach.

Couple looks at each other on beach.

Couple walks down beach path holding hands.
Couple holds hands and leans in for a kiss.

Close up of ring during engagement session

Couple kisses on beach.
Guy holds fiance on beach path.

Couple smiles at camera while standing on beach.

Girl lays head on fiance's shoulder.
Man twirls fiance on beach.

Couple walks down beach path and laughs.

Couple kisses with goldendoodle.
Couple walks with dog down beach path.

Guy kisses girl's forehead on beach path.

Couple smiles at camera during sunrise.
Couple kisses under flower awning.

Guy kisses forehead on fiance.

Couple walks with dog in front of flower pergola.
Closeup of engagement ring with burgundy and blue.

Couple leans in for kiss at sunrise.

Goldendoodle sits
Couple looks at each other with goldendoodle.

Couple kisses in downtown St. Petersburg.

Girl looks over shoulder under flower covered awning.
Engaged couple kiss in downtown St. Petersburg

Couple and goldendoodle looks at camera.

Goldendoodle looks at camera while couple kisses behind her.
Engaged couple smiles at camera.

Engaged couple walks goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle looks at camera.
Couple kisses in downtown scene.

Guy kisses girl on forehead.

Locations for Lindsey & Colby’s Downtown St Petersburg Engagement Session:

North Straub Park

Vinoy Park



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