Lakeland Engagement Session at Mirror Lake | Cydni and Scott

Engaged couple cuddles by the water.

The sun kissed the stone pavers as Cydni and Scott walked hand in hand. Pillars and intricate, copper light fixtures lined the path. They had only been engaged a week. And, their smiles were inextinguishable. The breeze blew Cydni’s hair as she brushed it back. They continued to stroll the path during their Lakeland Engagement session at Mirror Lake. Scott looked down at Cydni. She was smiling up at him. Her dimples and her sweet heart made him adore her even more. He couldn’t wait to marry her. That day couldn’t come soon enough.

Cydni and Scott’s engagement session took us to Italy for the evening! The gorgeous stone, the tarnished light fixtures, the sun drifting off behind the skyline… It was all the perfect setting for their romantic session. Plus, their classic style and Cydni’s plum dress complimented the atmosphere so well!

And, since they had only been engaged a week, I definitely asked to hear their engagement story! And, Scott pulled off such an amazing feat! He had suggested that he and Cydni go on a spontaneous Chicago trip! So, he whisked her away and took her to the symphony. After the symphony, they walked to see a large fountain in the city (where his brother was standing by with a camera!). And, while admiring the fountain and the city, he got down on one knee! And, they even have an adorable video of it! (Which I prompted swooned over!)

Cydni and Scott,

I am so thankful I was able to take your engagement portraits! Your smiles are so sweet and your hearts are sweeter! I cannot wait to see how your love grows. And, I pray that your marriage makes you more like Christ each day. Congratulations, you two!

Couple kisses while standing on path.
Couple snuggles on water's edge.

Engaged couple cuddles by the water.

Couple leans foreheads together on path.
Couple walks along stone path.

Man kisses fiances head on stone path.

Couple walks at sunset.
Closeup of engagement ring.

Couple laughs on stone path.

Couple kisses at sunset.
Couple cuddles at sunset by water.

Couple walks along path at sunset.

Man lifts woman on stone path.
Couple embraces and laughs.

Couple holds hands and kisses.

Engaged couple cuddles and laughs.
Engaged couple walks along path and laughs.

Engaged couple holds hands at touches foreheads.

Engaged couple smiles at camera at sunset.
Couple leans close on stone path.

Engaged couple holds hands.

Couple walks along sunset path with view of city.
Engaged couple laughs and cuddles.

Engaged couple hugs and laughs.

Engaged couple hugs and laughs together.
Couple stands and looks at each other.

Couple cuddles with view of city.

Couple cuddles by water at sunset.
Man kisses woman's forehead at sunset.

Couple leans against stone bridge at sunset.

Couple laughs and hugs on path.
Couple kisses on sunset path.

Couple leans in on sunset path.

Couple holds hands and walks along path at sunset.
Girl smiles at camera while fiance kisses her head.

Couple stands on path lined with palms.
Engaged couple stands on palm tree path.


Location for Cydni and Scott’s Lakeland Engagement Session: Mirror Lake



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