Downtown Sunset Engagement in Tampa | Shanda and Bobby

They sat on the steps white stone steps. The smooth stone was cool to the touch. Golden hues of the sun peaked around buildings during their downtown sunset engagement in Tampa. Bobby’s head leaned against hers. Shanda smiled.


She thought back to the night when Bobby proposed. He had surprised her while on a family vacation in Jamaica. It was one of the best nights of her life. But, she anticipated one even better. In 10 short months, she would be able to call Bobby her husband, her groom. And she couldn’t wait.


“In 10 short months, she would be able to call Bobby her husband, her groom.”


Shanda and Bobby,
Gah, you two! I absolutely loved your session because I loved seeing how you two bring out the best in each other! Shanda, you light up the room! And, it is so sweet to see the way your laughter brings out Bobby’s soft smiles. Bobby, you are Shanda’s safe place. It’s so easy to see. You bring her so much security and confidence, and she will treasure that throughout your marriage. Thank you so much for letting me capture these precious moments! I know you’re counting down the days until you say “I do!”


Couple stands together in front of white brick.
Couple holds hands and snuggles.

Couple leans heads together.

Couple smiles at camera.
Couple sits on stairway together.

Couple holds hands and kisses.
Couple walks together along sidewalk.

Man kisses fiance on cheek.

Man twirls fiance in front of
Couple snuggles on white stairway.

Couple snuggles together.

Man leads woman down white staircase.
Couple smiles at camera in front of stairway.

Man leads fiance by hand.

Woman smiles as fiance twirls her.
Woman is lead down staircase by fiance.

Couple smiles and laughs at sunset.

Couple smiles at camera during Tampa sunset.
Couple snuggles at sunset.

Engaged couple snuggles at sunset.
Couple kisses on rooftop at sunset.

Couple smiles at each other during Tampa sunset.

Locations for Shanda & Bobby’s Downtown Sunset Engagement Session

Downtown Tampa, Florida



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