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Bride smiles at camera while groom smiles at bride.

  Soft light filtered through the windows. Aubrey sat on the bridal suite bed. Her bridesmaids surrounded her. She smiled as they talked about her summer wedding at The Sonnet House. She was going to marry the love of her life. Her best friend. And, the threat of a summer shower couldn’t shake her. She […]

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Couple kisses in marble hallway.

  The grass glowed in the sunlight. The sun was setting. And Callie’s sweet doodle, Millie, sniffed eagerly around the bushes. Callie smiled at her. She remembered when she first brought Millie to this park. They had just moved to Birmingham. And, Millie was just a puppy.   It seemed like a lifetime ago.   […]

Engaged couple smiles at camera.

The sun shone through the trees. Warming the grass in speckled light. Molly laughed. She leaned her head onto Trey’s shoulder. He smiled down at her. They had just started their Birmingham Botanical Gardens Engagement Session, and he was already making her giggle.   She wrapped her hands tighter around his arm. He was her […]

Groom twirls bride in garden.

  The sun peaked from behind the clouds. It cast warm light on the back of the trees. And, warmed the air as the wind blew gently. Abby and Landon stood at the altar of their Park Crest Event Facility Wedding.   They watched as their friends and family received unleavened bread and juice. Abby […]

Bride and groom kiss by church.

Trees rustled as the clouds blew past. The sun shone down on a little white church on a hill. The doors opened. Jonna and Colt walked out hand in hand. Smiles beaming across their faces. They had just been pronounced husband and wife at their Tannehill State Park Wedding. And they couldn’t be happier. All […]

Bride and groom lean in for kiss.

Rain fell from the sky. Deep puddles formed in the courtyard. The palm fronds blew in the heavy wind. It had been three months since the last rain. And, tears fell from Amara’s eyes at their Powel Crosley Estate Wedding. But, they weren’t tears of sadness. Rather, they were tears of joy as she looked […]

Bride looks over shoulder by lake at sunset.

Your wedding day is getting closer. Your gown is in the final fittings. And your wedding checklist is somehow getting shorter and longer at the same time. But, you may be asking: When should I schedule bridal portraits? How far away from the wedding should I scheduled them? What time of day is best? If […]

Wedding memories are different for everyone. They can be something you want to share with the world or something you privately hold close to your heart. And because wedding memories are different for everyone, the answer to “Where to Keep Your Wedding Album” will be different for everyone too.   So, here are a few […]

Couple looks at each other and holds hands.

The air was crisp. Empty tree branches swayed in the soft breeze. A mist fell lightly on the marble pavers as Aubrey and Michael snuggled under an umbrella. Their Birmingham Al engagement session was the perfect beginning to Valentine’s Day weekend.   Aubrey snuggled closer to Michael. He smiled. It was cold, but she was […]