Sand Key Park Engagement Session | Alicia and Tony

Engaged couple stands on beach rocks.
The palms swayed in the wind. The sun was warm and the sand was cool. The sound of the ocean rhythmically soothed those who listened. Tony smiles at Alicia, and, then, he got down on one knee.
Tony and Alicia got engaged on a beach in Clearwater. So, they thought it would be so, so sweet to do their Sand Key Park Engagement Session on those same beaches. And, they picked a gorgeous day! The weather was lovely, and the sunset was gorgeous! But, even better, theses two were naturals in front of the camera! I felt as if I barely had to direct them! They smiled so much and fell into poses so easily! Plus, they stole kisses throughout the session! It was so romantic and so fun!
We started the session at Sand Key Park (which is beautiful!). There are so many different backdrops that completely change the feel of the session, and they were so fun to shoot! During the first half of the session, the palms were definitely my favorite! They provided the perfect shade from the sun, but still let enough beautiful sunlight through to provide a gorgeous glow! Once, the sun set a little farther, we made our way onto the beach! And, friends, the rocks that lined the North side of the island gave me #allthehearteyes! It was a perfect setting during those dreamy sunset hours!
Near the end of our session, we headed back to the very beach where Alicia and Tony got engaged! We knew we had to capture the special place where she said yes!!

Alicia and Tony,

Your wedding will be gorgeous simply because you two are so excited to be together! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day, and I can’t wait for August!!
Couple stands near palm trees.
Engaged couple stands near small palm trees.

Engaged couple laugh together.

Couple stands on rocks next to ocean.
Woman smiles at her fiance.

Man kisses fiances nose on beach.

Engaged couple sit and smile at each other.
Engaged couple walk along beach at sunset.

Engaged couple kisses on beach.

Engaged couple on beach smile.
Couple hugs next to palm trees.

Man kisses fiance on forehead.

Man pulls woman in for a kiss on the beach.
Man and woman smile at each other.

Engaged couple stands on beach rocks.

Couple laughs together on beach.
Couple kisses while surrounded by palm trees.

Man brings woman in for a kiss.

Couple kisses near palm trees.
Couple kisses in front of large bridge.

Engaged couple kisses while sitting on the sand.


Locations for Alisha and Tony’s Sand Key Park Engagement Session:

Sand Key Park

Clearwater Beach



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