Closeup of engaged bride's makeup while hugging fiance.
I was thrilled to spend Saturday afternoon with Lindsey and Joey for their Hundred Acre Wood Engagement Session. To prevent any confusion, we did not travel to the magic land of “Winnie the Pooh!” (I wish!) The Hundred Acre Wood is a large, wooded park connected to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Lindsey and Joey actually picked this location because they love it the forest and the art that is placed throughout the park!


By chance, Saturday was one of the first cold days in Indianapolis this fall. And we were definitely not use to it! We shivered as we got out of our cars, but, thankfully, we soon became acclimated. However, a huge plus of the cold was their classic fall attire!! They wore adorable jackets, and Lindsey wore a chunky scarf that was perfect for their session!! She even got her makeup professionally done by the Paul Mitchell Team in Indianapolis!


Once our session started, we walked to each location for their portraits. During our walks, conversation flowed freely and our laughter filled the cold air! And, to be honest, Lindsey and Joey are hilarious! Their jokes were only slightly topped by the sweet glances and stolen kisses that they exchanged! You could tell that they were truly enjoying themselves, and it showed in their images.


Lindsey and Joey’s Hundred Acre Wood Engagement Session was perfect! Even though it was cold, I wouldn’t want it any other way! The images turned out beautifully, and we really enjoyed the session! Lindsey and Joey aren’t getting married until next September, but I am so looking forward to capturing their big day!


Engaged couple laughs while hugging.
Engaged couple holds hands while touching noses.
Closeup of engaged bride's makeup while hugging fiance.
Groom kisses fiancee on forehead.
Engaged couple smiles at camera during fall session.
Close up of engagement ring and scarf during session.
Engaged couple walks along riverbank duirng fall.
Bride and her fiance snuggle during engagement session.
Couple touches noses and holds hands.
Engaged couple leans in for kiss.
Engaged couple laughs while walking along riverbank.

Engaged couple laughs as they cuddle.

Bride wears engagement ring and holds scarf during session.
Bride-to-be looks over shoulder while holding hands with fiance.
Engaged couple stands on riverbank next to trees.
Engaged couple holds hands and kisses.
Bride-to-be looks down as fiance hugs her.

Bride-to-be smiles at camera while hugging fiance.

Bride smiles at camera and fiance snuggles with her.
Engaged bride and groom cuddle during session.

Bride and groom walk along riverbank during engagement pictures.

Engaged couple stands on red bridge.

Couple cuddles during engagement session.

Engaged couple stands on red bridge during fall.
Engaged couple kisses on riverbank.



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