Couple laughs during fall engagement session.
It was a unusually warm fall day. The leaves were hues of yellow and red. And Jena and Austin were adorable during their Eagle Creek State Park Engagement Session….


Between the fall foliage and their cute outfits, Jena and Austin’s engagement session was colorful and bright! We arrived at the park when the sun was still high, so we concentrated our session under the beautiful changing leaves! Jena’s beautiful burgundy sweater matched her matted lips perfectly, and Austin was rocking his plaid shirt. But, friends, Jena and Austin truly made this session wonderful! Despite the beauty around us, their personalities gave life and breath to their images.


Jena and Austin love to laugh together. It was evident from the moment we met at a Starbucks for our first meeting! Their joy and giggles fill a room with so much life, so I was ready to get them in front of the camera!!! Their images are a true testament to their love and enjoyable personalities.


However, the end of the session was the most interesting part of the session…. As we were about to make our way back to the main parking lot, I realized that my parking brake was stuck. Panicked, we kept trying to undo it. But every time we tried to release it, it was get farther stuck. Finally, thanks to some ingenuity and a lint roller (Yes, I am serious!), we were able to release the parking brake and drive safely back to their car!


Overall, Jena and Austin’s inside jokes and playfulness truly made our session such a lovely afternoon! They are so much fun, and I cannot wait for their wedding next year!


Couple walks during Eagle Creek State Park Engagement Session
Couple smiles at camera.
Couple laughs as they walk on forest path.
Couple almost kisses on forest path.
Couple laughs during fall engagement session.
Couple hugs and laughs together.
Couple walks on forest path during fall.
Couple laughs while walking during fall.
Couple smiles at each other during engagement session.
Couple stands on forest path and looks at each other.
Couple kisses on forest path.
Couple kisses during engagement session.
Couple touches foreheads together.
Couple smiles while sitting in field.
Couple laughs in field.
Couple looks at each other and laughs in fall field.
Couple smiles at camera in field.
Couple kisses in field.



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