Bride holds wedding bouquet.

Tears wet his cheeks as he waited. As he tried to wipe them away, they were immediately replaced by more. He stood at the front of the room at his Valle Vista Country Club Wedding. He could see his family sitting before him. They were all smiling and crying, just like him. The anticipation grew as he longed to see Jessica, his bride, walk down the aisle. He had wished this moment for so long. And now, it was here. He was about to vow his life to his best friend. His soon to be wife. And they would spend the rest of their lives together. He was ready. And then the doors opened.


“He was about to vow his life to his best friend. His soon to be wife.”


I cannot even begin to describe the love and grace that I experienced on Jessica and Cody’s wedding day. It was clear from the beginning. They were in love. They were getting married. Their friends and family were with them. And that’s all that mattered. And truly, that’s all that mattered to them. Not even the rain or cold brought a single negative word from their lips. They were just happy to be together and to have those they loved surrounding them. It was truly a day of celebration and thanksgiving.


And amazingly, they have always been this way. They exhibited the same joy and authenticity during every meeting and their engagement session. Jessica’s smile and kindness has always brightened the room. Cody’s calm and patient nature has always impressed me. And that’s who they are. Their character brings such substance to their relationship that it flourishes and blesses those around them.


“It was truly a day of celebration and thanksgiving.”


Jessica and Cody,

I was always excited to be a part of your wedding day. But after being apart of it, I am even more excited for your marriage. You two have such a strong foundation, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses and uses your marriage to help and strengthen others. I am so thankful that you let me witness such a beautiful moment! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Linn!



Pearl earrings sit on ribbon.

Invitation Suite for Winter Wedding at Valle Vista

Bride gets her makeup done.

Bride looks at herself in a mirror.

Bridal Party Laughs as Confetti falls around them.

Bridal Bouquet sits in brides lap.

Bride smiles and hodls boquet.

Back of wedding dress
Bride looks over shoulder under chandelier.

Engagement ring sits next to invitation.

Bride looks down for bridal portraits.

Bride and groom smile as the touch foreheads.
Groom twirls bride.

Bride holds boquet while standing next to the groom.

Bride and Bridal Party laughs.
Bride smiles while groom looks at her.

Bridal Party Portraits next to gazebo at Valle Vista.

Enagement ring sits with ribbon and flowers.

Bride and groom stand under gazebo.
Bride smiles at camera while bridal party laughs.

Bridal Party Walks in front of gazebo.

Groom holds his bride close.

Bride and groom snuggle under gazebo.
Bride smiles at camera while the groom holds her.

Bride and groom touch foreheads.

Bride and groom hold hands.

Bride looks down during portraits.
Bridal Party walks in front of gazebo.



Venue: Valle Vista

Second Photographer: Kaylee Creighton

Florist: VS Designs

Bridal Gown: Beloved Brides

Grooms Attire: DC Tux

Groomsmen Attire: DC Tux

Makeup Artist: Faces By Sky

Hair Stylist: Jenny Lewis

Entertainment: DJ Connection

Caterer: Valle Vista

Invitations: Vistaprint

Jewelers: Shane Co & Peter Franklin Jewelers



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