Sunset Marina Village Wedding in San Diego | Sharon and Chad

Bride and groom smile after wedding.

The ocean breeze blew through Sharon’s hair as she stood on the lawn. The setting sun cast golden rays on her as she stood holding the hands of Chad, her soon-to-be husband. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her family and friends sitting in the audience. Most were smiling up at her, and a few had tears in their eyes. She could feel Chad squeeze her hands as they looked at one another. They giggled with realization. They were getting married. Right now. They were standing at their sunset Marina Village wedding, and they were about to be man and wife. Sharon reached up and wiped the tears from Chad’s eyes one last time before she took the microphone.


“Chad, I prayed for you.

I prayed for a man that would love me unconditionally and would love my children as his own. And God guided me to you.

And today, in front of God, our family and our friends, I choose you.

I choose you to be no one other than yourself, loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not yet know.

I choose you to give my whole heart with abiding courage and faith.

I choose to laugh with you and to cry with you.

I choose to put you before myself and to take care of you in good or poor health.

I choose you from this day forward, and every day that we are blessed to share this beautiful life together.

I choose you as my husband, Chad. And I will always choose you.”


“I choose you as my husband, Chad. And I will always choose you.”


Sharon and Chad,

You two are the epitome of joy. From laughter to tears, I have never experienced such an emotional ceremony. And, honestly, I cried the entire time. You laughter, which filled the entire day, was just one more proof that you two are best friends and are meant to be together.

I could not be happier for you two! You have waited so long to find each other, so don’t ever let go! And, one day, you will follow in your grandparent’s footsteps. It will be you two who are standing alone on the dance floor because you have been married longer than anyone else in the room. So, here’s to the next 50 years!


San Diego bride smiles at camera.
Bride holds out flowers.

Mother of the bride buttons wedding dress.

Wedding ring sits on spa blue bridesmaid dress.
Groom and groomsmen walk together.

Wedding rings and details sit on white wood.

Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.
Hand painted cake toppers of the bride and groom.

Groom's suit with spa blue tie.

Engagement Ring and pearls sit on ranunculus.
Groom looks off camera and laughs.

Wedding bouquets with succulents sit in vases.

Bride and groom smile as they hold hands around the corner.
Wedding rings sit on flowers.

Wedding boutonnieres sit on white wood.

Wedding rings sit on pink lace with flowers.
Bride smiles and laughs at camera.

Bride and groom hold hands around corner.

Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.
Boutonnieres sit on white wood.

Bride and groom stand at Marina Village altar.

Bride and groom laugh together during ceremony.
San Diego Marina Village ceremony cite.

Bride and groom hold hands during ceremony.

Bride and groom during wedding ceremony by the sea.
Groom smiles during wedding ceremony.

Groom gives junior bridesmaids gifts during ceremony.

Wedding arch decorated with pink flowers.
Bride and groom kiss during San Diego wedding

Bride and groom giggle during wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom kiss at end of aisle after ceremony.
Wedding party smiles at camera.

Welcome sign to ceremony site.

Groom twirls bride.
Bride and groom laugh while kissing.

Wedding party walks along path at sunset.

Wedding rings sit on ranunculus.
Bride twirls dress at sunset.

Bride and groom smile after wedding.

Bride and groom walk along marina.
Bride and groom pose with daughters.

Engagement ring sits on wedding rings.

Bride smiles while groom snuggles.
Bride and groom laugh while in front of a marina.

Wedding party smiles at camera.

Bride and groom laugh with wedding party.
Bride and groom kiss.

Engagement ring sits on spa blue fabric.

Groom hugs bride while they laugh.
Groom twirls bride.

Bride and groom smile and laugh at camera.
Wedding bouquet with ranunculus, succulents, and roses.

Bride smiles with her daughters.
Bride and groom lean in for a kiss.

Bride twirls in her wedding dress.

Bride and Groom dance at reception.
Florals sit on bride and groom table.

Bride and groom's first dance.

Wedding reception at sunset.
Bride and her mother dance at reception.

Florals sit on reception table.

Bride and groom dance.
Guests enjoy wedding reception.

Marina Village reception in sunset room.

Bride and groom dance at wedding reception.
Groom and his mother dance at wedding reception.

Couples dance at wedding reception.

Bride tosses bouquet.
Groom gets ready to throw garter.

Groom hugs flower girl.

Bride and groom hand painted cake toppers.
Bride and groom cut cake.

The Vendor Team for Sharon & Chad’s Sunset Marina Village Wedding:

Entertainment: DJ Hersch
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Cherona
Bride & Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Catering: Ranch Events
Invitations: Magnet Street
Photo Booth: Poli Booth
Lights and Draping: Lights & Tulle by Pedro



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