Summer Birmingham Engagement Session | Sarah and Mike

Man kisses fiance's forehead.

Clouds hung low in the sky. Sheets of rain could be seen in the distance. Dark shadows crept across the ground of their summer Birmingham engagement session. And, Sarah and Mike danced. Holding tightly to each other, they slowly waltz amid the possibility of a storm. Smiling. Joyful. Thankful.


They could have worried about the weather. They could have stressed about how their session would turn out. But, instead, they laughed, told jokes, and danced. Knowing that as long as they had each other, they could weather any storm.


“And, Sarah and Mike danced. Holding tightly to each other, they slowly waltz amid the possibility of a storm. Smiling. Joyful. Thankful.”


And, honestly, I stood there soaking in every second. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly they enjoyed each other’s company. And, how sure and confident they were to be getting married.


Sarah and Mike,

Your wedding day is so close! In less than a month, you’ll be married! And, I cannot wait to celebrate beside you as you become husband and wife!

But, more importantly, I pray that you always keep dancing. Even when the storms do come, I hope you’ll just hold on a little tighter and encourage each other to keep going. Because that will be the strength of your marriage.

So, enjoy the last few days of being a fiance, and I can’t wait to see you two at the altar!


Couple kisses while snuggling.
Man twirls fiance

Man kisses fiance's forehead.

Couple walks through rose garden.
Couple snuggles in rose garden.

Man leads fiance down marble staircase.

Engaged couple kiss by marble columns.
Groom kisses bride-to-be's forehead.

Bride-to-be laughs while fiance snuggles in.

Couple walks in front of marble staircase.
Couple dances together.

Couple walks together in rose garden.

Engagement ring sits in velvet ring box.
Couple smiles at camrea.

Couple walks and laughs together.

Couple kisses in rose garden
Couple snuggles as woman smiles in rose garden.

Couple smiles as they walk away from marble staircase.

Man twirls fiance in front of white doors.
Man kisses bride-to-be on forehead.

Couple smiles at each other in rose garden.

Couple laughs in rose garden.
Engaged couple cuddles in rose garden.

Engaged couple snuggles in front of white doors

Couple dances in preparation for their wedding.
Couple laughs together as they snuggle.

Engaged couple kisses in marble atrium.

Bride and groom stand close together.
Engaged couple leans in for kiss.

Engaged couple walks down marble staircase.

Engaged couple laughs and snuggles.
Engagement ring sitting in cream ring box.


Vendors for Sarah and Mike’s Summer Birmingham Engagement Session

Hair and Makeup: Rawwbeauty
Engagement Ring: Diamonds Direct



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