It’s DEMO Day!!

It's Demo Day

My Joanna Gaines senses were tingling! Our master bathroom shower was in need of some major upgrades! So, Josh and I decided to have our own small scale demo day and fix up the bathroom! Now, in all truthfulness, we are the Joanna Gaines side of the equation. We can decorate, but we have never tried our hand at the actually demo part. So, we hired professionals.


However, we have a grand plan for this bathroom! We are putting white marbled tile on the bathroom floors and in the shower. But, I’m most excited about our accent wall! On the main wall in the shower, we are using the same marbled tile in a herringbone pattern! I’ve always wanted a herringbone tiled wall! So, we are both super excited about it!


In fact, they have been working super hard, so there is already drywall up and everything! And, since they are working so hard, I don’t want to disturb them. So, I only have some less than ideal cell phone pics! However, once it is done, I promise to take so many pretty pictures!!!


The whole project is due to be finished by Sunday, so I will keep you updated!!! <3





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