The First 10 Things Every Bride Should Do

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The First 10 Things Every Bride Should Do

You are getting married!! Hooray!!! Here is a quick list of the first 10 things every bride should do before diving into planning your gorgeous day!



Some brides find it difficult to celebrate and enjoy being engaged because their stress level immediately skyrockets! And I totally get it! I remember planning my wedding in 5 months! The date. The venue. The photographer. The cater. The list goes on and on of things everyone expects you to already have figured out! I want to give you permission to take time to celebrate. Enjoy your engagement! Enjoy this special time with your friends and family to rejoice in the fact that you are going to spend the rest of your life with your best friend!



After you’ve told your friends and family about your engagement, it’s time to tell the world! You can post your engagement story to specific websites, #howheasked, #theknotrings, etc., with the hopes of being a featured engagement.


3. Communicate With Your Fiancé

Guys. One of the most stressful things is when you aren’t on the same page with your partner in crime. So, before you get neck deep in details, talk about how you are going to handle the planning. How involved will each of you be? How involved do you want family and friends to be? What things are off the table? Do you each need to ask the other before you make a decision? Trust me. You’d rather know these answers beforehand.



Your engagement ring will be a precious memory and keepsake that you will wear for the rest of your life! And, you want to make sure that you protect your ring. There are two ways that you need to protect your ring after you get engaged. First, your ring should be properly sized. If it does not correctly fit your finger, there will be an increased chance that you will lose it. Secondly, insure your engagement ring. Insurance is an important thing to have for any expensive item in case it gets stolen.



Before you jump into planning your wedding, you should set up a game plan and get organized. Two important questions to ask at this point are: Are you going to use a wedding planner? Once you know this answer, you can either research and hire a planner or look for wedding organization printable on Pinterest! It is also helpful to purchase an adorable binder to put all your research, contracts, receipts, and contact information in.



It is now time to find out what inspires you! What did you like about weddings that you have attended? What themes, colors, and locations make you swoon? When in doubt, head to Instagram!!


7. Create a Budget

A budget can be helpful when deciding how much you want to spend on vendors, decorations, etc.


8. Pick a Season

The date you pick for your wedding might depend on the dates available at specific venues. It is helpful to pick which season you would like to get married in before researching venues’ available dates.

9. Pick a Location and Date

Once you know which season you would like to get married in, you can start contacting venues! Depending on how long you plan to be engaged, this might be a breeze or incredibly difficult. Now, if you are having a hard time finding a venue, research venues in nearby towns or consider changing the season you wish to get married in.

10. Hire Top Vendors

There are a few vendors that book weddings a year or more in advance. (Here’s a quick list of the Top 4 Wedding Vendors to Book First!) Make sure you should do plenty of research before booking, and try to decide on those top few first.


Bonus: Choose Your Wedding Party!

Yay! Time to choose your crew! Your wedding party will consist of family members and friends who have loved and supported you throughout your life. This is a fun time to tell them how much they mean to you. Whether you ask them creatively or not, enjoy the excitement of asking your people to be there for you on your big day!


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