Downtown St Petersburg Wedding | Hannah and Bob

Wedding invitation suite sits on veil.

Hannah looked slowly around the room. Her best friend and sisters were giggling on the bed. Her wedding dress hung in the closet. The sea breeze wafted through the open balcony door. She took a deep breath. She wanted to remember everything. Because her downtown St Petersburg Wedding was today. It was a dream that she had envisioned time and time again. And now, it was coming true. She was finally getting to marry her fiance, her best friend.


Ever since Hannah and my first meeting, I knew three things for certain. She was so sweet, she had an infectious smile, and she loved Bob. And, I am happy to say, absolutely nothing has changed. Throughout Hannah and Bob’s Engagement Session, the meetings, messages, and calls, I have never seen Hannah or Bob skip a beat. They are always kind and Hannah is always smiling. So, on their wedding day, I was hoping to capture just that. The laughter, the love, and the kindness.

“So, on their wedding day, I was hoping to capture just that. The laughter, the love, and the kindness.”


Hannah and Bob,

You invited be to be apart of your wedding day, and I cannot imagine anything better. I just love you two! Your kindness was unfailing and your laughter so sweet! I pray blessings on your marriage and your family as you start this journey together. And what a journey it will be! I cannot wait to see where it takes you two. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet and serve you two! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bingham!!


P.S. The last image might be one of the sweetest. Hannah’s mother passed away some years ago. But, the necklace that Hannah is wearing in the last image… Well, that’s her mother’s handwriting. *cue the waterworks* <3


Bridal details sit on bridesmaid's dress.

St. Petersburg Invitation Suites.
St. Petersburg bride's engagement ring.

Bridal details sit on white background.

Bride and bridesmaid dresses hand on bed.
Engagement ring sits with brides details.

Wedding invitation suite sits on veil.
Bride and bridesmaids pop confetti.

Bridesmaid sits on bed and laughs.
Wedding dress hangs from bed.

Bridal pearls sit with other details.

Bridal party helps bride into dress.

Invitation suite sits with bridal details.

Groom straightens tie.
Groom and groomsmen smile at the camera.

Bride walks towards groom.

Bride walks along sidewalk.
Groom turns around to see bride for first time.

Bride and groom kiss during first look.

Bride and groom snuggle under a veil.
Bride and groom hold each other.

Bride laughs with groom.

Bride and groom pose with their son.
Bridal bouquet overe groom's shoulder.

Bride and groom lean in for a kiss with veil blowing.

Bride and groom almost kiss.
Bride and groom touch noses and hold hands.

Bride looks at camera through veil.

Entire wedding party smiles at the camera.
Bride and groom laugh together.

Brde laughs while standing with bridesmaids.

Bridemaids hold bouquets.
Bridesmids laugh together.

Wedding party smiles at camera.

Bridal party looks at camera and smiles.
Bride laughs with groom and wedding party.

Wedding party laughs together.

Engagement ring sits in peony flower.

Exchanging of rings during wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom stand during ceremony.

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony.

St. Petersburg bride smiles while holding husband's hand.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh as the walk along sidewalk.

Bride looks down to show off makeup.

Bride and groom walk down sidewalk with bridal party.
Wedding party laughs together before wedding.

Bridal party helps bride straighten dress.

Bride looks at camera during bridal portraits.
Bride and groom kiss on downtown street.

Groom kisses brides forehead while she smiles.

Bride looks over shoulder on sidewalk.
Bride and groom lean in for a kiss.

Bridal party smiles together on St.Petersburg street.

Bridal party holds bouquets.
Bride and groom smile at the camera.

Bride and groom kiss.

Downtown St. Petersburg Wedding
Bride looks over shoulder and smiles.

Wedding rings sit on invitation.

Bride laughs as she holds onto groom's arm.
Groom holds bride on sidewalk.

Bride laughs towards camera with bridesmaids.

Groom kisses brides forehead.
Bride holds bouquet on peonies and succulents.

Bride and groom kiss in downtown St. Petersburg.

Bride looks down during bridal portraits.
Bridal party walks down St. Petersburg sidewalk.

Bride and groom hold team bride and team groom signs.

Floral centerpieces at wedding reception.
Reception sign

Wooden guest book with signatures.

Floral arrangements at reception.
Wedding cake at reception.

Bride and groom dance at reception.

Bride and groom's first dance.
Groom dances with mother at wedding reception.

Bride dances with father at wedding reception.

Groom's father speaks at reception.
Bride's father speaks at reception.

Flower girls watch speeches.

Maid of honor speaks at reception.
Bride and groom kiss at reception.

Flower girls and ring bearer dance at wedding reception.

Bride dances at wedding reception.
Dancing at wedding reception.

Wedding reception dancing.

Bride smiles while tossing bouquet.
Bride tosses bouquet.

Groom takes off brides garter.

Groom throws garter.
Garter throwing at wedding.

Group dance at wedding reception.

Group dance at wedding.
People dance at wedding reception.

Bride holds wedding bouquet.

Bride holds flowers.
Bride and groom hug under veil at sunset.

Bridal necklace that says "love you"

Downtown St. Petersburg Wedding Vendor Team

Ceremony Location: Calvary Chapel

Reception Location: Orange Blossom Catering

Getting Ready Location: The Birchwood

Second Photographer: Lanh Balagtas

Hair & Makeup Artist: Imago Dei by Milan

Florist: The Flower Centre

Bridal and Bridesmaid’s Gowns: David’s Bridal

Groom’s and Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation: Spark Limo

Catering: Orange Blossom Catering

Cake Artist: Cakes by Carolynn

Entertainment: DJ L MO

Invitations: Vistaprint





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