Indianapolis couple snuggles at Coxhall Gardens.
If you have never been to Butler University in Indianapolis, let me tell you about it. It is beautiful. There is a river running through the campus, giant trees all around, and flowers of every color! The garden on the Campus is specifically named Holcomb Gardens, and it is the perfect place for portraits! So, Paige and Evan’s Holcomb Gardens couples session was full of beautiful scenery and lots of greenery!


Paige and Evan met in high school. The two dated for the rest of their secondary education years and have been together as long as my husband and I have been married! (5 years!) Now, the soon to be teacher and biostatician, are finishing up their collegiate careers and are still madly in love!


On the day of their couples session, Paige and Evan showed up for their shoot in the MOST adorable outfits imaginable! The blush and blue were absolutely perfect for the summer evening, and I fell particularly in love with Paige’s skirt!!! <3 The two rocked the first half of their session until it was time to change into their second outfit. Paige wore a flattering floral dress, while Evan chose the classic white and khakis. We enjoyed the session until the light was gone and a large branch crashed to the ground. We decided to call it quits, just in case another branch decided to fall. 😉
Fun Update: As of January 2020, Evan has proposed! Paige and Evan are expected to get married in the fall of 2020! Congratulations, you two!


Butler University couple smiles at each other.
Man kisses woman's forehead at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple snuggles with foreheads together.
Couple holds hands at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple snuggles at Coxhall Gardens.
Couple stands on bridge over river.
Bulter guy kisses girl's forehead.
Couple smiles at camera at Butler University.
Indianapolis couple giggles on bridge.
Couple snuggles at Butler University Gardens.
Indianapolis couple kisses in gardens.
Butler couple holds hands in Coxhall Gardens.
Couple smiles at camera on bridge over river.
Couple smiles at each other at Butler University.
Butler students kiss at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple laughs at Coxhall Gardens.
Couple looks at each other on Coxhall Gardens bridge.
Butler University couple stands next to river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at each other next to river.
Indianapolis couple cuddles next to river.
Girl twirls next to Coxhall Garden river.
Indianapolis couple snuggles next to Coxhall Gardens river.
Guy smiles at girl next to Butler river.
Butler University couple snuggles next to river.
Indianapolis girl looks over guys shoulder.

Location for Paige & Evan’s Holcomb Gardens Couples Session:



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