Man and woman smile at each other at sunset.
Jenna and Robbie’s autumn sunset engagement session was so gorgeous! The unique sunset was worth the wait, the weather was wonderful, and Jenna and Robbie were excited!


The two arrived for their session dressed to impress! And I loved it! They looked soooo good! We started our session in downtown Carmel, Indiana. The cute and sophisticated area was the perfect backdrop for their polished appearance. The adorable building and the grand, white palladium accented their outfits perfected!


After taking pictures downtown, we drove to Coxhall Gardens for the rest of their session! Coxhall Gardens is filled with open fields and the most amazing willow trees. Since sunset was in full swing, we decided to take some portraits with the sunset and willows in the background. And they are beautiful! I love the glow that it gives Jennifer and Robby!


After taking a few images in their dressy attire, they changed into cute fall outfits. We spent the rest of the time taking portraits in these outfits around the Gardens. We ended the night there, as the sun was well beneath the horizon.


BONUS: One of the most unique parts of this autumn sunset engagement session is Jenna’s engagement ring! It is a lovely blue sapphire center stone with a diamond halo. And it is completely GORGEOUS! You have to check it out {and swoon a little 😉 }!


Engaged Couple Walking Down Urban Path
Bride-to-be looks at camera and groom looks at her.
Engaged Couple Kissing in front of large white building
Engaged couple stand in front of white building.
Man and woman laugh while sitting on fountain.
Engaged man and woman kiss in front of white building.
Engaged couple laughs in urban setting.
Blue sapphire ring sitting on white cloth.
Engaged couple smiles while sitting at a cafe table.
Engaged man and woman hold eachother in urban setting.
Engaged Couple laughing together while sitting
Engaged couple kiss at sunset.
Engaged Couple smiles at camera during sunset.
Man and woman smile at each other at sunset.
Couple during Autumn Sunset Engagement Session
Man and Woman kiss in from of lake at sunset.
Engagement ring closeup while bride and groom hold hands.
Engaged couple stands in grass field at sunset.
Engaged couple stands in field at susnet.
Engaged man and woman touch foreheads and smile.
Woman looks at fiance and smiles.
Engagement ring on bride's hand.



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