Yacht Starship Wedding in Tampa Bay | Emily and Nick

Wedding party laughs together.

The sea brushed against the yacht as it meandered through the bay. Chatter of family and friends filled the air. The music began. Without a word, the crowd hushed. All eyes turned towards the sun-soaked stairs. The gentle back and forth of the waves went almost unnoticed. Everyone eagerly waited for Emily and Nick’s Yacht Starship Wedding to begin.


Below deck, Emily stood among her wedding party. As each of her friends walked up the stairs, she grew more and more excited. She was about to marry the man of her dreams. The one she had prayed for. The one she would spend the rest of her life with. She tightened her grip on her father’s arm. He looked endearingly at her. It was time. They would be the next ones to walk down the aisle. She smiled. Marrying Nick would be one of the greatest joys of her life. And, she couldn’t wait. She took a deep breath. With one hand on her dress, she took the first step up the stairs.


“Marrying Nick would be one of the greatest joys of her life.”


Emily and Nick,

You two are something special. Period. Your excitement to spend your lives together has been so apparent from the day I met you! And your love for people is a shining light to those around you. And, for those reasons, I am so thankful for you two!


Because you are one of the most encouraging couples I have ever met. Your joy is contagious. Really, it is! Others cannot help but to smile when with you! Which makes it a true joy to spend time with you. So, my prayer for you two is that you only grow in that trait. You grow together and in loving people even more than you already do. I am so happy for you Mr. and Mrs. Katz! And I pray the Lord bless your marriage!



Wedding Invitation sits with garden roses.
Engagement Ring propped up on ribbon.

Bridal party pops confetti cannon.

Lace details and buttons of wedding gown.
Bride puts in earring.

Wedding ring sits with garden roses.

Groom puts on watch.
Wedding invitation suite with ribbon and roses.

Mother of bride buttons up wedding gown.

Wedding shoes sit among garden roses.
Close up of Groom's wedding suit

Wedding Invitation suite sits with wedding jewelry and flowers.

Bride and groom wait for first look.
Garden flowers and eucalyptus

Bride waits for first look.

Groom's reaction during first look.
Bride and groom kiss during first look.

Groom dips bride on waterfront.

Bride and groom cuddle on pier.

Bride and groom lean in for kiss on pier.
Bride and groom walk on waterfront pier.

Tampa bay from wedding yacht.

Wedding ceremony location on yacht.
Groom looks at bride during ceremony.

Wedding ceremony on yacht.

Bride smiles during ceremony.
Bride and groom hold hands during ceremony.

Bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom say vows during ceremony.
Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony.

View from yacht during wedding.

Bride looks over shoulder.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.

Wedding ring and wedding flowers.

Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.
Groom smiles at camera.

Bride holds wedding flowers.

Back of bride's wedding dress.
Bride and bridesmaids have fun on yacht.

Wedding party smiles at camera on yacht.

Bride smiles at camera on yacht.
Groom looks off camera.

Watercolor wedding invitation sits with flowers.

Bride holds wedding flowers on yacht.
Groom twirls bride on yacht.

Bride and bridesmaids lean in and smile.

Bride and bridesmaids walk along yacht deck.
Bride and groom giggle as they go in for a kiss.

Wedding invitation sits with flower petals.

Wedding party smiles.
Bride looks down while snuggling groom.

Wedding party laughs together.

Bride and groom snuggle on top deck of yacht.

Wedding shoes sit with flowers.

Bridal party walks and laughs together.
Bride holds wedding florals.

Groom twirls bride on top deck of yacht.

Bride and groom kiss with wedding party.
Bride smiles at camera on yacht.

Engagement ring sits among flowers.

Groom leans against yacht.
Bride walks with bridesmaids.

Bride and groom go in for kiss.
Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.

Bride and groom snuggle on deck of yacht.
Bride and groom smile at camera.

Engagement ring sits with flowers and invitation.

Bride and groom kiss on deck of yacht.
Bride looks down at wedding flowers.

Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.

Bride smiles while snuggling groom.
Groom kisses bride's forehead.

Groom pulls bride in for kiss on yacht.

Bridesmaids give toast.
Wedding guests clap.
Wedding guests celebrate.
Father of bride gives speech.

Little girls dance.

Bride and groom dance.
Bride and groom's first dance.

Bride and groom kiss.

Groom and mother dance.
Groom and mother dance together.

Grandparents dance.

Bridesmaids dance during reception.
Guests dance during reception.

Bride and groom dance at reception.

The Fabulous Vendors for Emily & Nick’s Yacht Starship Wedding

Ceremony Venue – Yacht Starship

Getting Ready Location – The Godfrey Hotel

Wedding Dress Shop – Vera’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dress Shop – Modcloth

Groom’s/Groomsmen Attire Shop – Men’s Wearhouse

Makeup Artist – Olivia Locascio

Hair Artist- Destiny & Light

Florist Company – Petals, Presents, and Parties

Catering Company – Yacht Starship

Second Photographer – TK Images



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