Senior smiles next to lavender on Indianapolis Canal Walk.

Lauren and I had a blast while we shot at various locations downtown during her whimsical and urban summer session. Her continuous smile and her mother’s adorable encouragement made this session fly by! We started our session in downtown Indianapolis at the Indiana War Memorial. The creamy stone made Lauren’s blue dress really pop in contrast.

After some time at the memorial, we wandered to the park directly beside the memorial. Here we used the fountain as a backdrop for Lauren’s next outfit! The whites and blues complemented her blush top and white pants! This pairing was my favorite part of the whole session!!! And since we loved this outfit so much, that we kept it on for our time on the canal. At the canal, we found blooming lavender (Lauren’s favorite color just happens to be purple!!) that made an AMAZING backdrop for a few shots.

As we continued, Lauren changed into her last outfit. The darker bohemian vibe paired well with the sunset during the “golden hour” of her session. As the sun set and we finished, we turned Lauren around for a few quick images with the city right behind her. Her expression in these images are some of my favorite because of her vibrant laughs that accompany the orange glow of the sunset.

Senior stands on Indiana War Memorial Platform.
College senior looks down and laughs.
Senior stands on Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.
Senior girl laughs at Indiana War Memorial.
Senior in blue dress looks off to side.
College senior looks off camera and smiles.
Indianapolis Senior smiles with stone steps behind her.
College senior smiles at camera.
College senior laughs on edge of fountain.
Senior smiles in front of lavender background.
Girl laughs at downtown fountain.
Senior girl poses next to purple lavender.
Senior sits on Indianapolis fountain.
Senior smiles next to lavender on Indianapolis Canal Walk.
Senior smiles next to lavender on Canal Walk.
Senior stands on fountain in downtown Indianapolis.
Girl laughs at downtown fountain.
Senior smiles at downtown fountain.
Indianapolis senior laughs in front of lavender.
Senior hold lavender and smiles.
Indianapolis senior laughs while holding hand in hair.
Indianapolis Senior girl smiles for headshot.
Indianapolis senior twirls skirt at sunset.
Senior laughs in front of White River at sunset.
Senior Twirls Skirt next to White River.
Indianapolis senior smiles at sunset for senior pictures.
College senior laughs off camera with cityscape behind her.
Indianapolis senior poses with cityscape.
Girl smiles at camera in front of Indianapolis city.
Senior smiles at camera in front of city.



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