Senior laughs at Holliday Park Ruins.
My evening spent with Caroline was such a lovely evening because SHE IS AMAZING.


I feel as if a statement that big needs some explanation. So, here it goes.


Caroline has a special talent, and I picked up on it immediately after meeting her during her portrait session at Holliday Park Ruins. She has the unique ability to make people feel completely comfortable around her, and, on top of that, you automatically know that she genuinely cares about you. Friends, her joy and laughter is so prevalent with every sentence that I feel as if we are already best friends. Her questions about your life are so honest and sincere that conversation flows so naturally and beautifully. And I feel as if you can see that honesty, sincerity, and joy in her images.


Caroline and I arrived at Holliday Park about an hour and a half before sunset. We walked and talked as we looked for gorgeous light in which we could start her session. She started the session in a pair of cute denim jeans and a white blouse. We used this outfit to take a lot of shots with greenery in it. After a quick change into a blush top and white pants (I was super excited about the color combination.), we headed over to the ruins. We found a perfect spot to take pictures nestled back in between parts of the ruins!! So we shot there… a lot. The old brick and weathered architecture were such a lovely backdrop that we didn’t want to leave. But, eventually, we knew we had to move on… and I am so glad that we did.


Caroline quickly changed into a flowing, pale blue top for the last section of our portraits. Sunset was in full swing by this time, and Caroline and the light were GORGEOUS. We pulled her out in front of the ruins to shoot her with the sunset and the lighting was wonderful. She seemed to glow as we took the pictures. I felt that it was a perfect end to our session, and I am happy to say that I gained a lovely friend that night.


Senior laughs while sitting on stone wall.
Girl stands with hand on hip in front of pillars.
Senior sits on stone wall and smiles.
Senior stands in tall grass in park.
Senior leans against brick wall and laughs.
Senior laughs at Holliday Park Ruins.
Girl sits on fountain at sunset.
Senior laughs in front of ruins.
Senior smiles while leaning against rock wall.
Girl smiles at Holliday Park Ruins.
Senior stands in front of stone ruins.
Senior laughs while playing with hair at Holliday Park Ruins.
Girl smiles in tall grass while looking off camera.
Senior smiles at Holliday Park Ruins.
Senior smiles at sunset at Holliday Park.
Senior stands on concrete walkway at Holliday Park.
Senior smiles at sunset in front of pillars.



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