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Hey friend! Okay, so I’m going to skip the intro and head straight for the point. Are you ready? The #1 reason to take bridal portraits is simple: You can see your entire bridal look from head to toe before your wedding day! 


Though it may not seem to be a huge deal, seeing your complete look will do one of two things:


1. Confirm that you are in looooovvvvveee with everything.

The way your gown fits, how your hair looks with your gown’s neckline, that your jewelry pairs well with everything, that it all looks AH-mazing on camera, and on and on and on.

Seeing your full look will assure you and calm a lot of pre-wedding jitters that brides frequently have about their attire.


2. You’ll become aware of a few things you’d like to tweak before your wedding day.

Which, discovering it before your wedding is a blessing by itself!

Just last month I had to hem my sweet bride’s entire dress with safety pins because her alteration lady had made a mistake. Her dress was about 6 inches too long, and she couldn’t walk without tripping. Thank goodness I keep about 39573892 safety pins on hand, and we got it fixed in less than 10 minutes! But, I’m sure she would love to have known that her dress was too long before her wedding day. And, bridal portraits are the perfect time to try out everything you plan to wear for an extended period of time.

In fact, most bride’s find that after wearing their gown for a session that they would like to change dress alterations and/or their hair style or jewelry.


Now, I don’t say all of this to scare you, it’s actually suppose to empower you! By taking bridal portraits, you can make sure that you are completely in love with your bridal look on your wedding day! And, the confidence you’ll have in your choices will be such a relief!



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