The sun was rising as the waves lapped against the dock. As it climbed, the sky exchanged its dark blue hues for those of pink and yellow. The moss in the nearby trees swayed from the branches. And, the sound of laughter filled the air. It was early. It was very early. But, Hailey and […]

The sun warmed her skin as she listened to the waves at her North Shore Park Beach Session. The ocean breeze was so refreshing on such a warm day. She smiled. She felt his lips press softly against her cheek. Although she loves the ocean, this is where she prefers to be. In the arms […]

Hannah looked slowly around the room. Her best friend and sisters were giggling on the bed. Her wedding dress hung in the closet. The sea breeze wafted through the open balcony door. She took a deep breath. She wanted to remember everything. Because her downtown St. Petersburg Wedding was today. It was a dream that […]

Hannah had a plan. She knew exactly where she wanted to take her engagement pictures. She knew the exact style and the look that she was going for. So, when she told me her dream of a Vinoy and North Straub Park Engagement Session, I was oh so excited! I love going to the St. […]

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