Samantha Webber Photography provides an exclusive, Central Florida and Ocala photography experience for joy-filled couples and seniors who love light-and-airy styles, personalized service, and building genuine relationships.

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Hello Friends!

I’m Samantha! I have a serious travel addiction, love food, and secretly wish I was Joanna Gaines from the show, Fixer Upper. I provide Central Florida and Ocala photography to Brides & Seniors who are looking for a personalized experience and fresh, beautiful images. So whether my husband, Josh, and I are…


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Service is a very important part of my business and my life. I believe that serving others is one of the best ways to spend your time and to show your love for others. As a part of my business, I not only want to provide quality products, but I strive to provide personalized and joy-filled experiences to all my clients. I want all of my brides and seniors to love their experience with me because of the support and kindness that I show them. I want them to walk away from their experience with me and be uplifted and ready to serve others themselves.



When posing, I actually looking for the moments in between the poses. I try to create situations where my clients can show me who they are. I am looking for the sincere smiles, the intimate laughs, and sweet kisses that don’t come during a static pose. I encourage my clients to laugh and enjoy their time, so that I can photograph what they are truly about.

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Husband and wife stand next to riverbank in Indianapolis.



The more I know my clients, the better I can tailor their images to reflect their personalities and styles. I believe that relationships are a vital part of my business because of the unique opportunities it provides. My goal is to share a connection with every client and their families, so that they are comfortable and confident during their session.


If I can capture someone authentically laughing during their portraits, I consider it a good image. When people laugh, their eyes light up, their smile becomes infectious, and the image begins to reflect their true personality. I love making my client’s laugh and capturing it for them and their families.

Engaged couple laughs while sitting on steps.
Ocala photography Senior girl smiles during senior pictures.


Growth and deeper relationships are born through adventure. I believe in traveling and learning throughout life, and I love to capture the adventures that I have been blessed with. I also love to capture my clients’ new adventures. Whether my client is graduating or getting married, they are beginning a new stage of life, and I am honored when they ask me to be a part of their new adventure.


The people that we love and the moments that shape our lives are all blended together to create our big picture. And our big picture affirms that we are blessed. Photographing the big picture is not hard.  I believe that every small moment and memory that we give and receive throughout life creates our big picture. The small moments allow us to step back and observe the beautiful life we have been given. The small moments between family and friends displays a love that crosses the past, present, and the future.

Husband dips wife in ampitheatre.
Engagement Ring and Wedding bands sit on wedding program.


Since the big picture is made of the small details, I love to pay attention. Photographing the details that my clients have carefully selected to describe their journey is a joy. The hand-sewn beading on the wedding dress, the locket from your grandmother, or the quick adoring glances between a couple are not meaningless. Usually, they mean the most. Preserving the details allows me to capture the story that means the most to you. It allows me to capture the story that only you can tell.

Sweet Words

Samantha did an AMAZING job for our vow renewal ceremony. She captured precious moments that I was not able to see on the actual day. She truly has a gift

Kendra Mitchell

Sam took my daughters senior pictures and exceeded our expectations. She was so easy to work with and she went above and beyond what was expected of her to insure that we had the best senior pictures. We would recommend Sam for your future photography needs.

Leann Snodgrass

Sam was able to capture this wonderful day in a real and beautiful way. I’m truly grateful to her for everything that she accomplished from staged photographs that showed the love and happiness of the day to the impromptu shots of guests that I would otherwise would not have seen. Thank you Sam. You are awesome.

Alexandria Webber

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