Bridal earrings and wedding bands sit on lace.


His hands shook. He had not been nervous until this very moment. His heart was beating faster and faster as the anticipation grew. He waited to see his bride for the first time for their Navy and Gray Wedding at The Cardinal Room. He had just seen her the day before. They were both so excited. And now, the excitement seemed to overwhelm him. He stood on the lawn as his family watched from the stairway. He could hear her footsteps behind him. She was getting closer. His body became tense. He was so ready to turn around. He was so ready to see his bride, his best friend. They had waited 7 years for this moment…


These are the moments we live for. The moments when our lives change forever. And for Shelby and Jared, it was 7 years in the making. They had become best friends in their high school theatre class. They had grown closer together and loved each other relentlessly over

the years. And through it all, they had continued to laugh together. This laughter and joy kept their love fresh, new, and exciting. It refined and strengthened their friendship into the relationship that would lead them to this marriage.


“And through it all, they had continued to laugh together.”


Jared and Shelby, the joy that emanated from your wedding was beautiful and infectious. You were both wore such ecstatic  and so excited the entirety of the day. I love that I was able to capture that for you. And, more importantly, I love you two. Ever since our first consultation, I have felt a connection with the two of you. I could see your adoration for each other, even from the beginning. And this view only grew in strength as we shot your engagement session and got to know one another. I have no doubts about your marriage. I know that your joy and friendship will continue to grow. It will keep you close as you continue through life as husband and wife. I am so happy for the two of you. And I am so thankful that I was able to witness your wedding day.


Rose gold engagement ring and wedding bands sit on brides shoes.
Bride and Bridesmaid's Wedding Dresses Hang during fall.
Bride looks over shoulder while getting ready.
Bride's wedding dress and jewelry
Groom puts on Ralph Lauren Polo Watch
Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Wedding gift in box.
Blush and Gold Wedding Details.
Wedding Dress Hangs on White Wall.
Bride looks over shoulder at white wedding venue.
The Cardinal Room Wedding Venue Ceremony space.
Bride looks at flowers under veil.
Blush Wedding Ballet Flats
Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids Dresses hang.
Bride holding Bouquet of Red Roses
Bride smiles at camera during portraits.
Wedding Makeup Bag sits next to Rose gold ballet flats.
Bride with red roses smiles at camera.
Wedding Details and a Ralph Lauren Polo Watch sit on white fabric.
The mother of the bride zips her wedding dress on wedding day.
Groom puts on cufflinks.
The Cardinal Room White Wedding Ceremony
Bride's pearls and wedding details.
Bride's mother zips her wedding dress.
Personalized Wedding Invitations
Bride looks down while getting ready for her wedding.
Bride looks over her shoulder.
Bride puts on her earrings on her wedding day.
Bridal Boquet of Red Roses
Bridesmaids help bride get ready.
Wedding Dress Hangs at The Cardinal Room.
Rose gold engagement ring and wedding bands.
Rose gold ballet flats and wedding makeup bag.
Bride looks out of window in bridal suite.
Bridal earrings and wedding bands sit on lace.
Bride plays with dress.
Bride looks over her shoulder and smiles.
Wedding dress Hangs at The Cardinal Room Wedding Venue.
Glitter Rose Gold Ballet Flats
Bride smiles at bridesmaids help her get ready.
Buttons on ivory lace wedding dress.
Bride looks down at flowers while under her veil.
Buttons on hanging Wedding Dress
Bride hugs her father after first look.
Groom looks down while buttoning suit
Groom waits to see his bride during first look.
Groom gasps during first look.
Groom buries his face in brides shoulder during first look.
Groom walks across lawn with his groomsmen.
Groom gets excited during first look.
Groom holds bride close.
Bride and Groom hug after first look.
Groom smiles and holds bride during first look.
Groom walks with groomsmen and looks to the side.
Bride and groom hug in open field.
Bride and Groom walk across green field.
Bridal Party Poses for Portraits at The Cardinal Room.
Bride and groom walk across open field.
Bridal Party Laughs Together.
Bride leans towards camera while groom holds her hand.
Bride and Groom hug after wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom laugh as they kiss.
Bride and groom softly smile and hug.
Groom Wraps his arms around bride's back.
Bride and Groom kiss and laugh in front of white building.
Bride holds boquet while standing with bridesmaids.
Wedding Invitation Suite
Bride and Groom Smile at the camera.
Bride smiles at camera while groom holds her.
Wedding Party Smiles for Portraits.
Bride smiles at camera while groom hugs her.
Bride and Groom Kiss
Bridal boquet during bride and groom portraits.
Wedding party laughs during portraits.
Bride and Groom kiss while the wedding party cheers!
Bride and groom kiss while she holds boquet.
Bride walks down aisle with father.
Bride and Groom Stand at Wedding Alter.
Grooms reads vows to bride.
Bride and groom kiss at wedding reception.
Table Number and Decorations
Groom lifts bride during their first dance.
Bride cheers at she kisses her groom.
Mr. and Mrs. Sign at Wedding Reception Table.


Wedding Gown: The Wedding Studio
Bridesmaids Gowns: David’s Bridal
Makeup Artist: Dorothy Schultz
Catering: City Barbeque
Bakery: Brittany Nicholson
Invitations and Stationery: Basic Invite