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You are engaged! Your engagement is such a short and unique stage in your life, I am so excited for you to marry your best friend! Since it is such a special time, many people opt to take engagement pictures. But, sometimes, it is hard to know what to wear and to bring to your engagement session. Check out these 27 tips for gorgeous engagement pictures! These tips will help you figure out which outfits to wear, what styles to choose, and what things to bring with you. I hope that these tips empower you to rock your engagement session and feel more confident in front of the camera!

Get ready to take a ton of screenshots…



1. Feel Comfortable and Confident

If you don’t feel comfortable and in what you are wearing, you will be able to see that in your images! Once you pick an outfit, go ahead try it on a few times and make sure you are comfortable.

2. Dress It Up

You want to wear an enhanced version of your normal wardrobe, as long as it does not distract from you. Your engagement session is a perfect reason to dress up and look awesome! Wear something nice and flattering.

3. Mix It Up

Try to mix up the color of the clothing you bring for completely different looks.

4. Coordinate, don’t match!

Most people feel like they have to match their fiance in their engagement pictures. However, this is not the case. You can wear different colors, but make sure the colors coordinate with each other! That means that the colors should compliment each other.

5. Plan Your Outfits

Pick out your outfits a few days in advance, and try them on! Make sure that you cannot see any undergarments and that they outfits look good together!

6. Think About Posing

Make sure they are still comfortable and appropriate in various positions: sitting, kneeing, hands-above-your-head.

7. Check White Clothing

If your outfits are lighter in color (which I love!!!), make sure you cannot see through them! Grab a slip or an undershirt if you can see through the clothing.

8. Iron it

All outfits need to be clean and without wrinkles before your session.

9. What to Avoid

Try to avoid overwhelming patterns, large logos, baggy pieces, or horizontal stripes for your session.

10. Accessorize

Scarves, jackets, etc. are great accessories that can be easily added or removed to change an outfit.

11. Outfit Changes

There are not always convenient places to change during an outdoor session. You might want to bring car shades, large blankets, etc. so you can make a changing room.


Sleep & Food


Get as much sleep as possible the night before the session.  You might be tempted to stay up and make last minute changes or worry about the pimple on your face. RELAX. The more rest you get, the better session you will have.

13. Puffy Eyes?

If you have a morning session, you can apply a cold compress to your eyes for a few minutes before applying makeup. This will reduce puffiness and make you feel better.

14. Don’t Skip a Meal

You and anyone accompanying you to the session need to EAT beforehand!!! Being hangry during your engagement session won’t be good for your pictures… I also recommend bringing a snack and water to your session!


Skin, Makeup, & Glasses

15. Protect Your Skin

Avoid getting sunburned. If you are red and peeling, you must reschedule.

16. Makeup Tips

Follow your normal makeup routine, but apply your makeup a little heavier than you would on a normal day.

17. Focus on Your Eyes

Be precise when applying eye makeup since this is where I will focus in all your portraits.

18. Plan for Touch-Ups

I highly recommend bringing chap stick, lipstick, foundation, powder, hairspray, etc. Also, bring a few makeup remover wipes, just in case.

19. Avoid the Glare

If you wear glasses, there is a chance that there will be a glare in your images. To lower the chance of glass glare in your images, you can visit your optometrist to see if they will lend you a pair of glasses without lenses, or you can have your lenses removed from your glasses.


Hair & Nails

20. Plan Your Hairstyle

Pick your hairstyle a few weeks before your session, and practice! If you are doing your own hair, do not try a new hairstyle the day of the session. You want to try and pick a “classic” hairstyle.  If you need a little extra hold, add some hairspray, but do not too much.

21. Should I get A Haircut?

I advise you to get your haircut at least a month before your session (girls) or a week before your session (guys). A haircut will make your hair more shiny, healthy, and natural for your session.

22. Hair Styles to Avoid

Try to avoid major hair style changes before your session including hair color. Whether you are doing your own hair or having a professional do it, you want your pictures to look like YOU!

23. Don’t forget to shave!

Girls – Remember to shave your legs and underarms if they will be visible during the shoot.

Guys – Shave or trim your beard the day of your session.

24. Clean or Polished Nails

Your hands will be in the majority of your images, so make sure your nails are clean, trimmed, and/or freshly painted.


Posing & Props

25. Practice Makes Perfect

Try this: Look in the mirror and smile.  Now, think about what makes you really, really happy and smile again. Do you see a difference in your smile and your eyes???  THAT smile is the one you want at your session. Your eyes light up when you really smile!

26. Bring Props

I love to add props into my client’s sessions to make it more personal. Make sure to tell me what props you would like to use before the session, so I can plan accordingly.

Props can include: bouquet of flowers, family pet, etc.


27. Bring A Friend

Not only should you and your fiance be there, but I would HIGHLY recommend bringing a friend or family member to the session! It is a great stress reliever in many ways to have someone with you to help out. Just make sure you are comfortable kissing in front of them! 😉



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Hey friend!

I get it. You have to hire a ton of people to make your wedding as perfect in real life as it is in your head. And sometimes, you don’t even know where to start. So, this is your starting point. Here are the 7 easiest ways to find wedding vendors. I hope this helps.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family

Did your friend just get married at your ideal venue? Does your mother’s friend own a bakery? Your friends and family can be an invaluable resource when searching for wedding vendors.

2. Social Media

Do a quick search on social media. Instagram has become a great place to find vendors. Most professional vendors have an Instagram page that they keep updated with their most recent work. Use location specific hashtags to help you find them. (Ex: #indyweddingphotography) Facebook is another great social platform for search for your vendors. There are even specific Facebook groups designed to help you locate vendors and decorations! Just search for “bride” or “wedding” along with your location in Facebook to uncover these awesome groups!

3. Blogs

Vendor blogs are a great way to look at a vendor’s most recent work and how they deal with clients! They also usually tag any other vendors that were involved in the event. These tags can give you hints on other vendors that you might like.

4. Google

When in doubt, google it. You will get thousands of results of vendors in your area if you use a general search. Try to narrow the field by being very specific in your search.

5. Other Vendors

Have you already selected a venue? Have you already hired a caterer? Ask the vendors you already have if they can recommend other vendors. Some vendors keep preferred vendor lists and can give you good recommendations on who they have worked with.

6. Wedding Coordinator

If you have a wedding coordinator, use their knowledge! You hired them to give you reputable options, let them help you find your perfect vendors.

7. Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites such as The Knot or Wedding Wire are great resources to check out potential vendors. They usually have lists of specific vendors that you can scroll through along with reviews.


And there you have it! Super simple right?! 7 Ways to find wedding vendors that will make your big day less stressful! Good luck, friend! I am here cheering for you!


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