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Liz’s dreamy Avon Town Hall Park Senior Session was the highlight of last week! Liz and her mother are so sweet and kind! They were willing to try anything I asked and even laughed at my jokes!! The golden sunset hues, cool temperature, and slight wind also made this particular evening the perfect shooting conditions for her session!
We started Liz’s senior session at Avon Town Hall Park. This park is a gorgeous option because of the grassy fields and lake that are on the property. The rustic barn also makes a great backdrop for portraits! She chose an adorable pink top and some fabulous jewelry for this location. We also shot her volleyball portraits at the park as well! After finishing at the park, we drove downtown to the Indianapolis Canal Walk. There, we finished the session with sunset portraits in front of White River and also used downtown Indianapolis as a backdrop after the sun fell below the horizon.
This session was so unique and full of personalized props. We had so much fun shooting and the backdrops really complemented Liz’s hair and eyes! This session really does deserve the title Dreamy Avon Town Hall Park Senior Session.
Senior Girl Stands in Field
Senior Girl Looks Over Shoulder
Girl Stands in Field and Smiles at Camera
Senior Girl looks down and laughs in field
Senior Model looks to the side and laughs
High School Senior Girl leans towards camera and laughs
High School Senior sits in field and smiles.
Girl looks down while wind blows her hair during senior pictures
High School Senior sits in field and smiles for pictures
High school senior lays in field with volleyball
High School Senior holds volleyball over head.
High school senior smiles at camera while in field
High School senior sits with volleyball for pictures
High School senior stand in front of white wall with volleyball
Senior girl holds volleyball in field and smiles.
Senior girls holds volleyball out in front of her.
Senior girl smiles while holding volleyball to the side.
Senior girl holds volleyball out in front of her with white wall behind.
Senior girl sits on steps and smiles.
Senior girl smiles while standing in green field.
Senior girl poses on downtown sidewalk.
Senior girl smiles while on downtown sidewalk.
Senior girl puts hand on her face and smiles.
Girl stands next to river with her hands in her back pockets.
Senior girl stands on downtown walkway and poses.
Senior girl looks up at camera while sitting on steps.
Senior girl stands next to river with hand on hip
Girl stands on downtown Indianapolis walkway
Senior girl smiles in downtown Indianapolis.
Senior smiles while standing in green field.
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 My evening spent with Caroline was such a lovely evening because SHE IS AMAZING.
I feel as if a statement that big needs some explanation. So, here it goes.
Caroline has a special talent, and I picked up on it immediately after meeting her during her portrait session at Holliday Park Ruins. She has the unique ability to make people feel completely comfortable around her, and, on top of that, you automatically know that she genuinely cares about you. Friends, her joy and laughter is so prevalent with every sentence that I feel as if we are already best friends. Her questions about your life are so honest and sincere that conversation flows so naturally and beautifully. And I feel as if you can see that honesty, sincerity, and joy in her images.
Caroline and I arrived at Holliday Park about an hour and a half before sunset. We walked and talked as we looked for gorgeous light in which we could start her session. She started the session in a pair of cute denim jeans and a white blouse. We used this outfit to take a lot of shots with greenery in it. After a quick change into a blush top and white pants (I was super excited about the color combination.), we headed over to the ruins. We found a perfect spot to take pictures nestled back in between parts of the ruins!! So we shot there… a lot. The old brick and weathered architecture were such a lovely backdrop that we didn’t want to leave. But, eventually, we knew we had to move on… and I am so glad that we did.
Caroline quickly changed into a flowing, pale blue top for the last section of our portraits. Sunset was in full swing by this time, and Caroline and the light were GORGEOUS. We pulled her out in front of the ruins to shoot her with the sunset and the lighting was wonderful. She seemed to glow as we took the pictures. I felt that it was a perfect end to our session, and I am happy to say that I gained a lovely friend that night.
Senior sits on stone wall and smiles.
Senior laughs while sitting on stone wall.
Girl stands with hand on hip in front of pillars.
Senior stands in tall grass in park.
Senior leans against brick wall and laughs.
Senior laughs at Holliday Park Ruins.
Girl sits on fountain at sunset.
Senior laughs in front of ruins.
Senior smiles while leaning against rock wall.
Girl smiles at Holliday Park Ruins.
Senior stands in front of stone ruins.
Senior laughs while playing with hair at Holliday Park Ruins.
Girl smiles in tall grass while looking off camera.
Senior smiles at Holliday Park Ruins.
Senior smiles at sunset at Holliday Park.
Senior stands on concrete walkway at Holliday Park.
Senior smiles at sunset in front of pillars.
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Lauren and I had a blast while we shot at various locations downtown during her whimsical and urban summer session. Her continuous smile and her mother’s adorable encouragement made this session fly by! We started our session in downtown Indianapolis at the Indiana War Memorial. The creamy stone made Lauren’s blue dress really pop in contrast.

After some time at the memorial, we wandered to the park directly beside the memorial. Here we used the fountain as a backdrop for Lauren’s next outfit! The whites and blues complemented her blush top and white pants! This pairing was my favorite part of the whole session!!! And since we loved this outfit so much, that we kept it on for our time on the canal. At the canal, we found blooming lavender (Lauren’s favorite color just happens to be purple!!) that made an AMAZING backdrop for a few shots.

As we continued, Lauren changed into her last outfit. The darker bohemian vibe paired well with the sunset during the “golden hour” of her session. As the sun set and we finished, we turned Lauren around for a few quick images with the city right behind her. Her expression in these images are some of my favorite because of her vibrant laughs that accompany the orange glow of the sunset.

Senior stands on Indiana War Memorial Platform.
College senior looks down and laughs.
Senior stands on Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.
Senior girl laughs at Indiana War Memorial.
Senior in blue dress looks off to side.
College senior looks off camera and smiles.
Indianapolis Senior smiles with stone steps behind her.
College senior smiles at camera.
College senior laughs on edge of fountain.
Senior smiles in front of lavender background.
Girl laughs at downtown fountain.
Senior girl poses next to purple lavender.
Senior sits on Indianapolis fountain.
Senior smiles next to lavender on Indianapolis Canal Walk.
Senior smiles next to lavender on Canal Walk.
Senior stands on fountain in downtown Indianapolis.
Girl laughs at downtown fountain.
Senior smiles at downtown fountain.
Indianapolis senior laughs in front of lavender.
Senior hold lavender and smiles.
Indianapolis senior laughs while holding hand in hair.
Indianapolis Senior girl smiles for headshot.
Indianapolis senior twirls skirt at sunset.
Senior laughs in front of White River at sunset.
Senior Twirls Skirt next to White River.
Indianapolis senior smiles at sunset for senior pictures.
College senior laughs off camera with cityscape behind her.
Indianapolis senior poses with cityscape.
Girl smiles at camera in front of Indianapolis city.
Senior smiles at camera in front of city.
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On Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure to spend time with Mikayla and her mother. We chatted, enjoyed late night ice cream, and, of course, took quite a few pictures for her summer senior session!
We started Mikayla’s session with portraits at a basketball court. She loves and plays basketball so much that it was only natural take pictures on a court. However, we wanted to make it a bit unique, so we stopped at the IMA’s Hundred Acre Woods. Outside the park, there is a giant basketball court/exhibit. Although it would be confusing to play on this court, the pictures were very cute.
After that, we headed to the Indianapolis canal. And the bridges, parks, and city were all a perfect backdrop during the session! We were able to easily get urban and natural settings! Oh, and friends, the sunset was gorgeous! We took the most beautiful portraits of Mikayla at sunset.
We ended her summer senior session with milkshakes from Steak ‘n Shake. It was a gorgeous session and delicious ice cream.
Senior poses on Indianapolis basketball court
High School senior sits on basketball court in Indianapolis
Senior holds basketball on Indianapolis court
Indianapolis Senior smiles with basketball
High school senior stands on basketball court
High School senior's basketball ring and net
Senior twirls dress on Indianapolis Canal Bridge.
Senior smiles on Indianapolis bridge on canal
Senior smiles on Indianapolis bridge
Indianapolis senior smiles over shoulder in canal walk
High School Senior sits on bridge in Indianapolis
Senior poses at Indianapolis canal
Senior laughs while on an Indianapolis canal bridge
Senior Smiles at Indianapolis Canal
Indianapolis senior sits on bridge on the Canal Walk
Indianapolis senior smiles in Indianapolis Park
Senior smiles in Indianapolis park
High School Senior smiles next to river walk.
Senior poses on Indianapolis Canal Walk.
Senior smiles over shoulder in Indianapolis Canal
Indianapolis High School Senior smiles on bridge
High School Senior stands in Indianapolis park at sunset
Senior sits on steps in front of Indianapolis city
Indianapolis Senior Stands near river at sunset.
Senior Smiles near White River in Indianapolis
High School Senior poses at White River State Park
Indianapolis senior laughs in front of cityscape
Senior Smiles at Sunset at White River State Park
Senior Smiles with an Indianapolis city backdrop
High School Senior laughs with Indianapolis backdrop
Indianapolis Senior sits in front of flowers
Indianapolis Senior sits on bridge in front of city
Indianapolis senior takes pictures with a city backdrop
Indianapolis senior sits on stairs
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Ashley’s sunrise senior session at Friendship Gardens was amazing! As part of her session, we took pictures at Friendship Gardens in Plainfield, Indiana at 8am!! She was brave to take a sunrise session!! And even though it was early, she and her lovely mother were such a joy to spend time around.

Just a few minutes into the session, Ashley was a natural in front of the camera. Her laugh is so natural, and she is so talented! During the session, we took images with her viola and her soccer gear. (Guys, this girl plays the viola and soccer! How cool is she?!?!) I have to admit that I loved the viola pictures…. They are so classic and elegant!

High school senior laughs towards camera.
High school senior sits and laughs.
High school senior smiles towards camera while posing.
High school senior plays viola during pictures.
High school senior laughs over shoulder.
Avon senior plays viola under gazebo.
High school senior laughs while sitting in park
High school senior poses with tip of viola
Avon senior laughs over shoulder.
High school senior plays the viola.
High school senior plays viola at Friendship Gardens.
High school senior holds viola during senior pictures.
High school senior holds viola.
High school senior holds soccer ball.
High School senior smiles at camera on bridge.
High School senior holds soccer ball during senior pictures.
High school senior smiles down towards bridge.
High school senior smiles while taking pictuers on bridge.
High school senior poses with soccer ball.
High school senior holds soccer ball while wearing letterman jacket.
High school looks senior while looking down on bridge.
High school senior smiles and stands on bridge.
High school senior smiles during senior pictures.
High school senior smiles off to the side
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Your senior pictures is getting closer, and you haven’t even thought about outfits, hairstyles, or anything. Here is the ultimate senior picture checklist with practical items for prepping for session.

One Month Before Session Checklist

□ Practice Hairstyle Multiple Times Until Session

□ Haircut/Color Appointment (Girls)

One Week Before Session Checklist

□ Haircut/Color Appointment (Guys)

□ Don’t Get a Sunburn or Highly Visible Tan Lines

Day Before Session Checklist

□ Outfits Chosen

□ Accessories Chosen

□ Undergarments for Outfits Chosen (no visible bra straps, etc)

□ Iron Outfits

□ Shoes for All Outfits Chosen

□ Props Chosen (and Communicated to Photographer)

□ Clean/Trim/Paint Nails

□ Towels/Blankets for Makeshift Changing Room

□ Glasses – Remove Lenses or Borrow from Optometrist

□ Lots of Sleep

Day of Session Checklist

□ Shave (Guys – face; Girls – legs, underarms)

□ Eat Before Session

Make Sure You Have…

□ Outfits

□ Undergarments

□ Shoes

□ Jewelry

□ Props

□ Makeup Bag

□ Makeup Remover Wipes

□ Chapstick

□ Curling Iron

□ Straightener

□ Hairspray

□ Frizz Spray

□ Water with Straw (Lipstick-friendly)

□ Snack

□ Sunscreen

□ Bug-repellent

□ Safety Pins

□ Stain Remover

□ Lint Roller

□ Blotting Papers

□ Deodorant

□ Hair Brush

□ Bobby Pins

□ Mirror

□ Hair Gel (Guys)


Want an explanation of the things you should bring? Check out these posts:

27 Tips for Great Senior Pictures

How to Have Stress-Free Senior Portraits


Want to PRINT This? Select the Print option below!

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I am so excited for you! Graduation! What an awesome accomplishment!! Senior Portraits are a fantastic way to capture your personality and style during your last year in high school! It can also be stressful since it may be the first time you are alone in front of a camera! Check out these 27 tips for amazing senior pictures! These tips will help you figure out which outfits to wear, what styles to choose, and what things to bring with you. I hope that these tips empower you to rock your senior portrait experience and feel more confident in front of the camera!

Get ready to take a ton of screenshots…



1. Feel Comfortable and Confident

If you don’t feel comfortable and in what you are wearing, you will be able to see that in your images! Once you pick an outfit, go ahead try it on a few times to make sure you are comfortable.

2. Dress It Up

You want to wear an enhanced version of your normal wardrobe, as long as it does not distract from you. Wear something nice and flattering.

3. Mix It Up

Try to mix up the style and color of the clothing you bring for completely different looks.

4. Wear layers

To make changing outfits fast and easy, wear layers. An undershirt, jackets, leggings, etc. can all help to speed up the process when changing outfits.

5. Plan Your Outfits

Pick out your outfits a few days in advance, and try them on! Make sure that you cannot see any undergarments!

6. Think About Posing

Make sure they are still comfortable and appropriate in various positions: sitting, kneeing, hands-above-your-head.

7. Check White Clothing

If your outfits are lighter in color, make sure you cannot see through them!

8. Iron it

All outfits need to be clean and without wrinkles before your session.

9. What to Avoid

Try to avoid overwhelming patterns, large logos, baggy pieces, or horizontal stripes for your session.

10. Accessorize

Scarves, jackets, etc. are great accessories that can be easily added or removed to change an outfit.

11. Show Your Parents

Make sure the outfits you choose are approved by your parents. Remember, you want them to like your senior portraits. P.S. – Don’t forget about shoes!

12. Outfit Changes

There are not always convenient places to change during an outdoor session. You might want to bring car shades, large blankets, etc. so you can make a changing room.




Get as much sleep as possible the night before the session.  You might be tempted to stay up and make last minute changes or worry about the pimple on your face, but RELAX. The more rest you get, the better session you will have.

14. Puffy Eyes?

If you have a morning session, you can apply a cold compress to your eyes for a few minutes before applying makeup. This will reduce puffiness.

15. Don’t Skip a Meal

You and anyone accompanying you to the session need to EAT beforehand!!! You don’t want to be hangry during your session.


Skin & Glasses

16. Protect Your Skin

Avoid getting sunburned. If you are red and peeling, you must reschedule.

17. Makeup Tips

Follow your normal makeup routine, but apply your makeup a little heavier than you would on a normal day.

18. Focus on Your Eyes

Be precise when applying eye makeup since this is where I will focus in all your portraits.

19. Plan for Touch-Ups

I highly recommend bringing chap stick, lipstick, foundation, powder, hairspray, etc. Also, bring a few makeup remover wipes, just in case.

20. Avoid the Glare

If you wear glasses, there is a chance that there will be a glare in your images. To lower the chance of glass glare in your images, you can visit your optometrist to see if they will lend you a pair of glasses without lenses, or you can have your lenses removed from your glasses.


Hair & Nails

21. Plan Your Hairstyle

Pick your hairstyle a few weeks before your session, and practice! If you are doing your own hair, do not try a new hairstyle the day of the session. You want to try and pick a “classic” hairstyle.  If you need a little extra hold, add some hairspray, but do not too much.

22. Should I get A Haircut?

I advise you to get your haircut at least a month before your session (girls) or a week before your session (guys). A haircut will make your hair more shiny, healthy, and natural for your session.

23. Hair Styles to Avoid

Try to avoid major hair style changes before your session including hair color. Whether you are doing your own hair or having a professional do it, you want your pictures to look like YOU!

24. Don’t forget to shave!

Girls – Remember to shave your legs and underarms if they will be visible during the shoot.

Guys – Shave or trim your beard the day of your session.

25. Clean or Polished Nails

Your hands will be in the majority of your images, so make sure your nails are clean, trimmed, and/or freshly painted.


Posing & Props

26. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice expressions and poses that you like in the mirror before your session. See which facial expressions work best for you and try to master some of the more difficult expressions.

Try this: Look in the mirror and smile.  Now, think about what makes you really, really happy and smile again. Do you see a difference in your smile and your eyes???  THAT smile is the one you want at your session. Your eyes light up when you really smile!

27. Bring Props

I love to add props into my client’s sessions to make it more personal. Make sure to tell me what props you would like to use before the session, so I can plan accordingly.

Props can include: uniforms, sports equipment, art supplies, class rings, graduation gowns, etc.


Bonus: Share These 27 Tips for Amazing Senior Pictures

I pray that you feel way better about taking your senior pictures, but I also want your friends to also feel less pressure and anxiety about their portraits. Ultimately, I hope these tips help you have a fabulous senior portrait experience and you receive beautiful photographs with each other and with your families.


Do you need more help to plan your session? Check out these blog posts:

How to Have Stress Free Senior Pictures

The Ultimate Senior Picture Checklist

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Your senior year of high school is filled with school activities, applications, and your senior portraits! If you have never had portraits taken before, the process can be intimidating. “What should I bring?” “What should I wear?” “Where should I take them?” All of these questions are legitimate and necessary. As a senior photographer, I have created a list of tips to help you have stress free senior pictures.



Wearing multiple outfits is a great way to express your individuality and exhibit your personality during your senior session. Outfits should be diverse with different colors, lengths, styles, etc. For instance, you may want to include a casual outfit, a nicer/semiformal outfit, and a hobby outfit. The casual outfit might include jeans and a nice top, a dress or button-up shirt might be worn for the second outfit, and a sports or extra-curricular uniform might be worn for a third outfit. Final note: make sure your shoes are appropriate for the terrain. Stilettos on a river bank usually do not mix well. Just in case, you might want to bring flip flops anyways.


high school senior models in flowers
high school senior smiles on bridge



If you would like to try and include any props in the session, make sure to bring them with you. Sports equipment, blankets, flags, paint brushes, cameras, flowers, books, animals, etc. are all used in senior sessions and help individualize your portraits. However, make sure you talk to your photographer about what you will be bringing (like your 200-pound mastiff), so they can plan accordingly.


Usually, it is helpful to bring someone with you to your session. They can help you change, carry your things around, etc. It is also useful if that person can make you laugh. Pictures with genuine smiles and laughter are always better.

However, there is a difference between a responsible, funny person and an irresponsible, funny person. A responsible person will help you stay focused and be interested in making your shoot as meaningful as possible. An irresponsible person could distract you from the shoot which could potentially be reflected in your photographs. Choose your person wisely.


If it has recently rained before your event, it might be a wise idea to bring towels to wipe off wet areas. No one wants pictures with a wet spot on their clothing.


It is always good idea to bring your makeup with you, so you can do touchups in between shots. Secondly, makeup remover wipes are a must. Makeup Remover sounds counter-productive, but is actually necessary. Say you start to sweat during your shoot, and your mascara runs. Hello makeup remover! This scenario could also happen with rain, river shots, or numerous other events in which a section of your makeup needs to be touched up.


In many cases, senior sessions are a person’s first time in front of a camera for an hour or two alone. This can cause anxiety which is completely normal. Fortunately, photographers are used to this. They have various methods (corny jokes, humorous stories, awkward posing suggestions, etc.) to get you to laugh and relax. All you have to do is just that, Relax! The more comfortable you are, the better your pictures will be.

In many cases, clients meet with the photographer beforehand, so they have a chance to get to know the photographer and become more comfortable around them.


high school senior reads in grass
high school senior leans and laughs




You Time/Date will vary on your photographer’s availability, but you also need to pick a time/date in which you have nothing immediately before or after the session. It will take time to get ready, drive to the location, etc. This also applies to after the session. When picking a time/date, keep in mind that you will need more time than your allotted slot.


Research local areas in which you would like your pictures taken. Keep in mind that there are multiple types of locations to choose from: parks, downtowns, libraries, etc. When you find locations that you like, check their website for hours of operations and if they charge a photography fee.

If you are unsure about locations, ask your photographer. They are likely to have suggestions or a list to help you pick your locations.


Triple check that you have everything and that your outfits exhibit your personality. Know the order you want your outfits in and approximately how long you would like to wear each ensemble.


Discuss what props and outfits you plan to use and other aspects of the shoot. Usually, the photographer will have suggestions on how to get the most out of your session.



The session might not go as you planned. You might forget something at home or it might start raining. It’s okay. Work with the photographer to make the most of your session. It may mean trying another day.


Senior holding tennis racket in orchard for portraits
high school senior models in woods



Arrive 15 minutes early. If your session is to start at 5pm, don’t drive up at 5pm. It will take you time to get ready to start, and it will cut into your session time.


We have all seen pictures where the person is being posed by a professional photographer, but they are looking at someone with a camera standing off to the side. Furthermore, phones are very noticeable in most clothing pockets. In order to get the most out of your session, leave your phone and camera in the car.


If runway model poses make you extremely uncomfortable, tell the photographer. The photographer should have plenty of other poses that suit your personality. I love talking to my clients, so I can get to know them and personalize their experience! Odds are, they want you to talk!



If you enjoyed your session and working with your photographer, let them know. They love to hear your feedback and building the relationship.


If you want an even bigger list of senior portrait tips, check out this blog post!

27 Tips for Great Senior Pictures

The Ultimate Senior Picture Checklist

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