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Our fingers and toes were numb. Each of our legs were shaking. Our bodies wanted desperately to find warmth. And still, laughter filled the at during Krystyna and John’s Fall Engagement Session at Heritage Lake. Along with the beautiful sunset, Krystyna and John were glowing with joy. They cuddled for warmth as we finished our session. They talked about how much fun the night had been.


“Along with the beautiful sunset, Krystyna and John were glowing with joy.”


Krystyna and John’s session felt so bright and so warm even though it was 30 degrees! They chose to have their session at Heritage Lake in Coatsville, IN. I had never been to Heritage Lake, but it was worth the drive!!! The lake is huge and dotted with cute lake houses. Plus, it was the perfect foreground during the sunset.

Since this session fell at the end of the fall season, John and Krystyna picked classic fall outfits. John’s plaid shirts perfectly complimented Krystyna’s scarf and chic, black attire. Krystyna also rocked some awesome boots with both of her outfits!!! And since the trees still had colored leaves, we got a pop of color in the shots!


Krystyna and John, I am so excited for your wedding next year! It is going to be amazing (and hopefully warmer!) Your love for each other was so evident during your session! Your laughter and kindness reassures me that your marriage will be so wonderful! I pray that your friendship continues to flourish and grow during your engagement and marriage! I can’t wait to witness capture your big day!


Engaged couple smile at each other near lake.
Engaged bride looks at camera while groom smiles at her.
Engaged couple snuggle under tree.
Engaged bride and groom hold each other on balcony.
Engaged bride smiles at camera while groom smiles at her.
Bride and groom smile at each other while standing under tree.
Engaged couple smiles at camera during fall.
Engaged bride and groom smile at each other near lake during fall.
Bride-to-be looks at camera and smiles while cuddling with groom.
Engaged couple almos kiss at susnet.
Engaged couple laughs next to lake during fall.
Bride and groom smile at each other under fall tree.
Bride and groom-to-be lean foreheads together.
Engaged couple stands in field of tall grass at sunset.
Engaged couple cuddles in field of tall grass.
Engaged bride and groom smile at each other on beach.
Engaged couple stand on dock at sunset.
Engaged couple stand on beach at sunset.
Bride and groom smile at each other at sunset.
Bride-to-be looks down and smiles.
Engaged bride and groom smile at each other at sunset on beach.
Engaged couple stand on a pier and smile.
Engaged bride and groom smile and hug on a sunset beach.
Engaged couple cuddle at the end of a pier.
Engaged couple lean foreheads together.
Engaged couple smiles at the camera on a beach.
Engaged couple kisses at sunset on beach.
Bride looks over shoulder while couple stands on dock.
Engaged bride and groom laugh as they snuggle.
Engaged couple stand on beach and smile.
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I was thrilled to spend Saturday afternoon with Lindsey and Joey for their Hundred Acre Wood Engagement Session. To prevent any confusion, we did not travel to the magic land of “Winnie the Pooh!” (I wish!!) The Hundred Acre Wood is a large, wooded park connected to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Lindsey and Joey actually picked this location because they love it the forest and the art that is placed throughout the park!
By chance, Saturday was one of the first cold days in Indianapolis this fall. And we were definitely not use to it! We shivered as we got out of our cars, but, thankfully, we soon became acclimated.  However, a huge plus of the cold was their classic fall attire!! They wore adorable jackets, and Lindsey wore a chunky scarf that was perfect for their session!! She even got her makeup professionally done by the Paul Mitchell Team in Indianapolis!
Once our session started, we walked to each location for their portraits! During our walks, conversation flowed freely and our laughter filled the cold air! And, to be honest, Lindsey and Joey are hilarious!! Their jokes were only slightly topped by the sweet glances and stolen kisses that they exchanged!! You could tell that they were truly enjoying themselves, and it showed in their images!!
Lindsey and Joey’s Hundred Acre Wood Engagement Session was perfect! Even though it was cold, I wouldn’t want it any other way! The images turned out beautifully, and we really enjoyed the session!! Lindsey and Joey aren’t getting married until next September, but I am so looking forward to capturing their big day!!
Engaged couple laughs while hugging.
Engaged couple holds hands while touching noses.
Closeup of engaged bride's makeup while hugging fiance.
Groom kisses fiancee on forehead.
Engaged couple smiles at camera during fall session.
Close up of engagement ring and scarf during session.
Engaged couple walks along riverbank duirng fall.
Bride and her fiance snuggle during engagement session.
Couple touches noses and holds hands.
Engaged couple leans in for kiss.
Engaged couple laughs while walking along riverbank.
Engaged couple laughs as they cuddle.
Bride wears engagement ring and holds scarf during session.
Bride-to-be looks over shoulder while holding hands with fiance.
Engaged couple stands on riverbank next to trees.
Bride-to-be smiles at camera while hugging fiance.
Bride-to-be looks down as fiance hugs her.
Engaged couple holds hands and kisses.
Bride and groom walk along riverbank during engagement pictures.
Engaged bride and groom cuddle during session.
Bride smiles at camera and fiance snuggles with her.
Couple cuddles during engagement session.
Engaged couple touches foreheads and laughs.
Engaged couple stands on red bridge.
Engaged couple stands on red bridge during fall.
Engaged couple kisses on riverbank.
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It was a unusually warm fall day. The leaves were hues of yellow and red. And Jena and Austin were adorable during their Eagle Creek State Park Engagement Session….
Between the fall foliage and their cute outfits, Jena and Austin’s engagement session was colorful and bright! We arrived at the park when the sun was still high, so we concentrated our session under the beautiful changing leaves! Jena’s beautiful burgundy sweater matched her matted lips perfectly, and Austin was rocking his plaid shirt. But, friends, Jena and Austin truly made this session wonderful!! Despite the beauty around us, their personalities gave life and breath to their images.
Jena and Austin love to laugh together. It was evident from the moment we met at a Starbucks for our first meeting! Their joy and giggles fill a room with so much life, so I was ready to get them in front of the camera!!! Their images are a true testament to their love and enjoyable personalities.
However, the end of the session was the most interesting part of the session…. As we were about to make our way back to the main parking lot, I realized that my parking brake was stuck. Panicked, we kept trying to undo it. But every time we tried to release it, it was get farther stuck. Finally, thanks to some ingenuity and a lint roller (Yes, I am serious!!!), we were able to release the parking brake and drive safely back to their car!
Overall, Jena and Austin’s inside jokes and playfulness truly made our session such a lovely afternoon! They are so much fun, and I cannot wait for their wedding next year!!!
Couple walks during Eagle Creek State Park Engagement Session
Couple smiles at camera.
Couple laughs as they walk on forest path.
Couple almost kisses on forest path.
Couple laughs during fall engagement session.
Couple hugs and laughs together.
Couple walks on forest path during fall.
Couple laughs while walking during fall.
Couple smiles at each other during engagement session.
Couple stands on forest path and looks at each other.
Couple kisses on forest path.
Couple kisses during engagement session.
Couple touches foreheads together.
Couple smiles while sitting in field.
Couple laughs in field.
Couple looks at each other and laughs in fall field.
Couple smiles at camera in field.
Couple kisses in field.
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Troi and John’s Rose Gold and Burgundy Wedding at Guthrie Meadows B&B in Bedford, Indiana was a pure autumn delight! The ceremony and reception were both located on the property {which is unbelievable!!!!} When you first arrive at the venue, you are greeted by a large brick mansion with white accents and a lovely barn! The property alone is breathtaking, but the decor of the venue is beyond gorgeous. I am so glad that Troi picked this venue because it fit the style and atmosphere of their wedding perfectly!


Troi and John first met while attending high school together. Although they were in some of the same classes, they did not speak often. He even sat right in front of her in precalculus, and they still only spoke once!!! It wasn’t until after high school that they started dating. During their relationship, they have enjoyed hiking together with their dogs and going to the movies. They even developed some unique, annual traditions that they still enjoy.


One tradition is that John always surprises Troi with a special present at the bottom of her Christmas stocking. So, on Christmas Eve in 2016, Troi excitedly dug through her stocking. She knew there would be something special at the bottom, but she did not know how special. Once she reached the bottom, she pulled out a ring box!!!! It was then that John proposed and asked her to be his wife!!! What a way to celebrate Christmas and their love!!


Not only are Troi and John in love with each other, but they are also in love with laughter!! Their giggles could be heard the entire wedding day, and it was contagious!! You can truly tell that they are best friends!!! You only needed to see them together for a few minutes before knowing that their marriage would be filled with the same kind of joy!


Troi also loves to DIY, so she used her skills for her wedding! She designed and made her own bouquets and centerpieces. She also used her skills to embroider her own wedding Keds, and they are adorable!! Finally, the most meaningful design was her wedding dress. Her dress was her mother’s, and it perfectly complimented her big day!


Their big day started when the wedding party arrived at the B&B! When the bride arrived, she slipped into her gown while the rest of the wedding party put finishing details on the ceremony and reception site. After she was ready, we took a few portraits of the groom’s party and the bridal party before the first look!!! When we were prepping for the first look, I could feel the anticipation as John prepared to see his bride in her dress! And he did not disappoint!!! John’s face lit up with the sweetest smile when he first saw Troi! The adoration between the two easily led into bride and groom portraits before the ceremony.


The ceremony was very special to the couple. John’s brother, David, was the best man and the officiant, and Troi’s brother, Derrike, was the man of honor! The rest of the wedding party consisted of John and Troi’s best friends! After the ceremony, I snuck off with the bride and groom to take some sunset portraits!! This is one of my favorite traditions with my brides!! The images are always amazing and so sweet with the newly married couple!


Troi and John, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your wedding day!! It was an amazing experience, and I loved every second!! It is obvious that you are each other’s best friend. And I pray that your joy and laughter will continue throughout your marriage!!!


Wedding Program, Favor, and Veil lying on pink cloth.
Bride looks down and smiles.
Bride's earring on wedding day.
Old Barn Decorated for a Wedding
Wedding dress with personalized hanger hung on door.
Wedding dress with personalized hanger on door.
Groom straightens tie and looks down.
Groomsmen walk across lawn with sunglasses on.
Groom smiles at camera on wedding day.
Bride's Embroidered Pink Keds on top of veil.
Brick mansion with large tree in front at wedding venue.
Bride shows off her long train on her mother's gown.
Buttons on back of Wedding Dress
Closeup of Groom's shirt, tie, and suspenders.
Bridal Party Smiles at Camera while Dressed in Burgundy
Bride walks towards groom during first look.
Bride and Groom kiss at sunset.
Bride Laughs While Hugging Groom
Bride and groom pose for wedding pictures.
Bride and Groom Touch Foreheads and Smile
Bride looks at camera and groom looks at her.
Bride and Groom laugh on green lawn.
Bride and Groom walk on lawn at wedding.
Bride Smiles at Camera while Groom Hugs Her
Bride and Groom walk across lawn at Wedding
Engagement Ring and Wedding bands sit on wedding program.
Bride and groom touch foreheads.
Engagement ring is placed on wedding program.
Wedding Matchbook favor sits on wedding program.
Bride and Groom Look at each other while facing away from camera.
Bride and groom laugh as the kiss at sunset.
Wedding Invitation suite, veil, and shoes are all arranged for pictures.
Bride and Groom Touch Noses and smile.
Bride and Groom Kiss at Sunset
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band in Bridal Veil.
Bride and Groom Kiss at sunset on lawn.
Bride and groom laugh at sunset.
Mr. and Mrs. Cake Topper
Florals: LDFloral Design
Jeweler: Kay Jewelers
Invitations: CreatifDesigns4You
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Jennifer and Robby’s autumn sunset engagement session was so gorgeous! The unique The sunset was worth the wait, the weather was wonderful, and Jennifer and Robby were excited!
The two arrived for their session dressed to impress!! And I loved it! They looked soooo good! We started our session in downtown Carmel, Indiana. The cute and sophisticated area was the perfect backdrop for their polished appearance. The adorable building and the grand, white palladium accented their outfits perfected!
After taking pictures downtown, we drove to Coxhall Gardens for the rest of their session! Coxhall Gardens is filled with open fields and the most amazing willow trees! Since sunset was in full swing, we decided to take some portraits with the sunset and willows in the background. And they are beautiful! I love the glow that it gives Jennifer and Robby!
After taking a few images in their dressy attire, they changed into cute fall outfits. We spent the rest of the time taking portraits in these outfits around the Gardens. We ended the night there, as the sun was well beneath the horizon.
BONUS: One of the most unique parts of this autumn sunset engagement session is Jennifer’s engagement ring!! It is a lovely blue sapphire center stone with a diamond halo!!! And it is completely GORGEOUS! You have to check it out {and drool a little 😉 }!!
Engaged Couple Walking Down Urban Path
Bride-to-be looks at camera and groom looks at her.
Engaged Couple Kissing in front of large white building
Engaged couple stand in front of white building.
Man and woman laugh while sitting on fountain.
Engaged man and woman kiss in front of white building.
Engaged couple laughs in urban setting.
Blue sapphire ring sitting on white cloth.
Engaged couple smiles while sitting at a cafe table.
Engaged man and woman hold eachother in urban setting.
Engaged Couple laughing together while sitting
Engaged couple kiss at sunset.
Engaged Couple smiles at camera during sunset.
Man and woman smile at each other at sunset.
Couple during Autumn Sunset Engagement Session
Man and Woman kiss in from of lake at sunset.
Engagement ring closeup while bride and groom hold hands.
Engaged couple stands in grass field at sunset.
Engaged couple stands in field at susnet.
Engaged man and woman touch foreheads and smile.
Woman looks at fiance and smiles.
Engagement ring on bride's hand.
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The light rain hit the pavement as we walked through downtown Zionsville. Everything seemed to shimmer as the light reflected off of the rain. The anticipation of the session grew and grew as we arrived at our first location. We stood under an awning to talk about our plan before we stepped out to start the session…..
Taylor and Luis’ Autumn Rain Engagement Session in Zionsville was anything but ordinary. The calm rain throughout the downtown area provided a unique opportunity for a lot of laughs and a cute, clear umbrella! Taylor’s best friend, Brooke, also joined us for the session, and, friends, it was a blast!
Downtown Zionsville was our first location for Taylor and Luis’ Engagement Session. If you have not been to downtown Zionsville, it is a must. Cute shops and restaurants line the brick pavement of Main Street, and the majority of the shops and houses are also adorned with adorable picket fences. Taylor and Luis specifically picked this location because of its’ quaint charm and character.
During the shoot, our first priority was to keep Taylor and Luis dry! So the clear umbrella was our go-to accessory!!! The umbrella was passed between Luis and Taylor’s best friend, Brooke, throughout the session. In many of the images, Brooke is holding the umbrella right outside of the frame, so Taylor and Luis wouldn’t get wet! {And she did an AWESOME job! I really don’t know what we would have done without her help!}
Despite the rain continuing, we spent most of our session in the downtown area because it was so perfect. And these images are some of my favorite engagement pictures to date!!! Taylor and Luis had to stay close while under the umbrella, and it made the images so romantic and dreamy!!! Plus, the extra shine on the streets added such an airy effect to the town!!!
After such a fun time in Zionsville, we decided to go ahead and drive to our second location, Coxhall Gardens. On our way there, it started to rain a little heavier. As a result, we decided to head to the amphitheatre at the gardens and take portraits under the beautiful stone gazebo. However, there was a surprise engagement happening at the gazebo when we arrived!!! We decided to let them have some time alone, and we walked to the Coxhall Mansion to take a few portraits in the meantime. After the surprise engagement was complete {Yay for them!!!}, we finished our session at the stone gazebo!
This autumn rain engagement session in Zionsville proved to be so much better than any of us anticipated!!! Taylor and Luis laughed so much during this session, and Brooke brought the music and the jokes! Overall, I am in love with these pictures and this couple!!!! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year!!! They are so incredibly sweet to one another, and I am so glad that I was able to capture this special time for them!!!
Engaged couple smiles under umbrella in downtown.
Engaged couple look down while smiling.
Engaged couple kisses under umbrella.
Bride and groom hug on brick street.
Bride smiles at camera and groom leans on her.
Bride softly smiles during engagement pictures.
Engaged couple face away from camera on downtown street.
Engagd couple puts foreheads together under unbrella.
Bride smiles at camera during engagement pictures.
Engagement ring on bride's finger.
Engaged couple snuggles on downtown street.
Engaged couple kiss while in ampitheatre.
Engaged couple touches forheads while facing away from camera.
Engaged couple holds each other and laughs.
Engaged couple kiss on downtown brick street.
Engaged couple smile at camera while in ampitheatre.
Groom leans bride back and kisses her.
Bride and groom smile while looking down.
Groom leans bride back during engagement pictures.
Engaged couple kisses on downtown brick street.
Bride smiles while groom holds umbrella.
Bride and groom laugh during urban engagement pictures.
Bride smiles at camera while groom smiles at her.
Bride-to-be faces away from camera as couple hugs.
Engaged couple kiss on downtown street.
Bride and groom laugh under umbrella.
Bride and groom look down as they cuddle.
Bride laughs towards camera while groom holds umbrella.
Bride and groom kiss under umbrella on downtown street.
Bride holds onto groom as they snuggle.
Hair Artist: Brooke Wilson Hair
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During their Carmel city center engagement session, I found out that Jessica and Cody are models in disguise! The two are so natural in front of the camera. Plus, they are so adorable when interacting with each other. Jessica’s giggly personality brought so much life and movement to our session, and Cody’s soft smiles added personable and sincere moments.

We started at the Center for Performing Arts in Carmel for their cloudy and cool engagement session. Frequently called the Palladium, the Center for Performing Arts had gorgeous white walls and gardens that surround the property. The gardens seemed to be a natural place to start as we walked, talked, and laughed through the beginning of our shoot. After shooting in the gardens, we walked across the street to the reflecting pool directly behind the Veteran’s Memorial. I love shooting next to water, so the reflecting pool was perfect for our session. We walked all the way around it, shooting at various angles as we went.

After a quick wardrobe change, we headed West to Coxhall Gardens. This is one of the loveliest places to shoot, and it didn’t disappoint. The willows, lakes, and the amphitheatre are some of my favorite things about the Gardens. So after making sure we had pictures next to the willows, we took some twirling shots at the amphitheatre to end our night!! <3

Jessica and Cody, it was such a blessing to get to know you two better and capture your love story! I loved seeing your distinct personalities shine through in your engagement images! I am so excited for you two, and I cannot wait for your February wedding!


Engaged bride smiles at camera in front of white building.
Couple laughs in front of the Carmel Palladium.
Solitaire engagement ring on gray background.
Indianapolis couple walks next to Carmel Palladium.
Bride and groom smile in from of Carmel Palladium.
Bride and groom kiss during engagement session.
Bride and groom smile and lean foreheads together.
Engaged couple leans in for giggly kiss.
Engaged couple touch foreheads in front of reflecting pool.
Engaged couple walk in front of large reflecting pool.
Indianapolis couple smile at the camera during engagement pictures.
Bride and groom smile and touch foreheads during engagement pictures.
Engaged couple smiles during engagement pictures.
Bride and groom smiles as they hug in front of reflecting pool.
Engaged bride and groom lean in for a kiss under a pergola.
Engaged couple kisses in front of reflecting pool.
Engaged bride and groom walk in front of large building and water.
Bride smiles at camera while groom snuggles.
Bride and groom hold and and kiss under pergola.
Man and woman smile and lean heads together.
Engagement ring sits on concrete background.
Engaged couple smiles at the camera by lake.
Engaged couple hold hands by willow tree.
Indianapolis Groom twirls bride for engagement pictures at ampitheatre.
Man and woman lean heads together
Bride hugs groom and shows off engagement ring.
Engaged bride and groom stand under willow tree.
Man and woman smile and lean heads together at park.
Groom twirls bride at Coxhall Gardens Amphitheatre.
Bride puts her arms around groom and shows off engagement ring.
Engaged bride and groom smiles while leaning foreheads together.
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If you have never been to Butler University in Indianapolis, let me tell you about it. It is beautiful. There is a river running through the campus, giant trees all around, and flowers of every color! The garden on the Campus is specifically named Holcomb Gardens, and it is the perfect place for portraits! So, Paige and Evan’s blush and blue Holcomb Gardens couples session was full of beautiful scenery and lots of greenery!
Paige and Evan met in high school. The two dated for the rest of their secondary education years and have been together as long as my husband and I have been married! (5 years!) Now, the soon to be teacher and biostatician, are finishing up their collegiate careers and are still madly in love!
On the day of their couples session, Paige and Evan showed up for their shoot in the MOST adorable outfits imaginable! The blush and blue were absolutely perfect for the summer evening, and I fell particularly in love with Paige’s skirt!!! <3 The two rocked the first half of their session until it was time to change into their second outfit. Paige wore a flattering floral dress, while Evan chose the classic white and khakis. We enjoyed the session until the light was gone and a large branch crashed to the ground. We decided to call it quits, just in case another branch decided to fall. 😉
Butler University couple smiles at each other.
Man kisses woman's forehead at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple snuggles with foreheads together.
Couple holds hands at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple snuggles at Coxhall Gardens.
Couple stands on bridge over river.
Bulter guy kisses girl's forehead.
Couple smiles at camera at Butler University.
Indianapolis couple giggles on bridge.
Couple snuggles at Butler University Gardens.
Indianapolis couple kisses in gardens.
Butler couple holds hands in Coxhall Gardens.
Couple smiles at camera on bridge over river.
Couple smiles at each other at Butler University.
Butler students kiss at Coxhall Gardens.
Indianapolis couple laughs at Coxhall Gardens.
Couple looks at each other on Coxhall Gardens bridge.
Butler University couple stands next to river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at each other next to river.
Indianapolis couple cuddles next to river.
Girl twirls next to Coxhall Garden river.
Indianapolis couple snuggles next to Coxhall Gardens river.
Guy smiles at girl next to Butler river.
Butler University couple snuggles next to river.
Indianapolis girl looks over guys shoulder.
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Abby met Thomas when she rear ended his car in their high school parking lot. And when Thomas walked into the same choir class that Abby was taking, she was mortified! But as the year went on, they became best friends in that very same choir class, and they eventually started dating. After high school, Thomas asked Abby to spend the rest of her life with him at DISNEY WORLD, and she said yes! And then they got MARRIED AT DISNEY WORLD. (Friends, dreams really do come true!) And now, they are celebrating their one year anniversary and undergoing IVF to conceive their first child.
Their lives tell a story of friendship, love, and perseverance. And their Hummel Park Anniversary Session beautifully displayed their journey together as best friends and husband and wife. However, their life together has not always been easy. For the past year, they have struggled with infertility. Ongoing doctors appointments, frequent surgeries, and daily shots have filled their first year of marriage. The heartbreak that occurs every single time that they are given negative results is overwhelming.
And yet, their joy is evident. Their faith is strong. And their love is abundant.
At our session, I was able to see all of these traits firsthand, and I am so thankful for it. My time with these two was incredibly special, and I loved learning more about their story. It amazes me that despite their struggle and the heartache from failed in-vitro sessions, they still strive to serve and support others. Abby even keeps a blog to help support other couples that are experiencing infertility.
The light that Abby and Thomas shine is so encouraging. Their storms do not consume them, and they use the strength they have to look outward. I am truly inspired and oh so thankful that I was able to get to experience their struggle and joy with them. It is a story that I will never forget, and a couple that I will never forget. I pray that the Lord blesses their marriage and their gives them a child.
Husband and wife walk along riverbank.
Couple snuggles next to Indianapolis river.
Husband and wife snuggle for first anniversary pictures.
Wife looks at camera next to river.
Indianapolis couple snuggles next to Indianapolis river.
Husband and wife laugh while walking by rivers.
Bride's engagement ring and wedding band for 1st anniversary.
Plainfield couple laughs next to Hummel Park river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at camera next to river.
Hunsband kisses wife on forehead for first anniversary
Husband and wife stand next to riverbank in Indianapolis.
Plainfield couple kisses on Hummel Park bridge.
Indianapolis couple laughs as they walk next to river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at each other next to river.
Husband and wife kiss next to Plainfield river.
Indianapolis couple smiles as they walk by river.
Couple looks at each other next to Hummel Park River.
Husband holds wifes hands next to river.
Wife smiles at husband on Hummel Park bridge.
Indianapolis couple kisses on Hummel Park bridge.
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Hannah and Will’s romantic sunset couples session was a dream!!! The evening light was beautiful. Hannah and Will are so in love. And downtown Huntsville never disappoints!

When we first started talking about Hannah and Will’s session, we knew that we wanted to have their session somewhere in Huntsville. It is a great place for portraits because of the diversity within the city. The downtown provides modern and bright urban areas that have multiple parks nestled within in it! Once we narrowed down the city, we decided the best location would be around the downtown square and Big Spring Park!

On the day of the session, it was beautiful! Despite the high temperatures, the clouds were providing a good bit of relief throughout the day. We started their session around the square downtown! White walls and cute buildings were everywhere downtown, so their portraits ended up so light and airy!!!

After spending some time in the square, we made our way through Big Spring Park! While we were in the park, the sun started setting which made the light so amazing! Plus, Hannah and Will are obviously best friends, so their session was so natural and sweet!

And then, about a week after our session, Will PROPOSED! So now, Hannah and Will are newly engaged, and I could not be happier for them! Their session is a testament to their friendship and their upcoming vows to spend the rest of their lives together! I am so excited for the life they will start together when the tie the knot!!! And I am so glad that I was able to capture their love before their engagement at their romantic sunset couples session!

Huntsville Couple kisses in front of white door.
Alabama Couple snuggles in downtown Huntsville.
Bride and Groom laugh during engagement pictures.
Bride and Groom laugh in front of white door.
Alabama couple snuggles in front of purple door.
Man kisses woman on forehead.
Alabama couple laughs in front of white door.
Bride smiles during pictures in front of purple door.
Engaged couple laughs in front of purple door.
Engaged couple laughs while sitting on steps.
Couple Stand in Front of Downtown Building
Couple stands in front of purple door.
Alabama couple smiles while sitting on steps.
Man lifts girl in front of purple door.
Alabama couple poses with dog.
Couple plays with dog in park.
Alabama couple walks dog in Big Spring Park.
Engaged Couple from Alabama Laugh at Big Spring Park
Couple laughs in Big Spring Park.
Engaged couple walks by lake and laughs.
Engaged Couple laughs next to lake
Bride puts head on grooms shoulders during engagement session.
Engaged couple plays with dog.
Couple snuggles in front of lake at sunset.
Bride smiles at camera in front of lake during engagement pictures.
Engaged Couple Laughs While Walking in Big Spring Park.
Huntsville Alabama Couple Kisses next to lake.
Engaged Couple Snuggles in Huntsville Alabama
Groom kisses woman on forehead in front of lake.
Alabama couple walks away from camera.
Engaged Alabama couple laughs next to lake.
Couple Kisses in Front of Downtown Lake
Bride twirls during engagement pictures.
Couple Snuggles at Big Spring Park in front of lake.
Engaged couple smiles at sunset.
Alabama couple smiles next to lake at Big Spring Park.
Engaged couple smiles during engagement pictures.
Engaged groom twirls bride during pictures.
Huntsville couple snuggles in front of Big Spring Park lake.
Huntsville couple kisses in front of lake in Alabama.
Huntsville couple snuggles next to lake.
Alabama Engaged couple kisses next to lake at sunset.