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Abby met Thomas when she rear ended his car in their high school parking lot. And when Thomas walked into the same choir class that Abby was taking, she was mortified! But as the year went on, they became best friends in that very same choir class, and they eventually started dating. After high school, Thomas asked Abby to spend the rest of her life with him at DISNEY WORLD, and she said yes! And then they got MARRIED AT DISNEY WORLD. (Friends, dreams really do come true!) And now, they are celebrating their one year anniversary and undergoing IVF to conceive their first child.
Their lives tell a story of friendship, love, and perseverance. And their Hummel Park Anniversary Session beautifully displayed their journey together as best friends and husband and wife. However, their life together has not always been easy. For the past year, they have struggled with infertility. Ongoing doctors appointments, frequent surgeries, and daily shots have filled their first year of marriage. The heartbreak that occurs every single time that they are given negative results is overwhelming.
And yet, their joy is evident. Their faith is strong. And their love is abundant.
At our session, I was able to see all of these traits firsthand, and I am so thankful for it. My time with these two was incredibly special, and I loved learning more about their story. It amazes me that despite their struggle and the heartache from failed in-vitro sessions, they still strive to serve and support others. Abby even keeps a blog to help support other couples that are experiencing infertility.
The light that Abby and Thomas shine is so encouraging. Their storms do not consume them, and they use the strength they have to look outward. I am truly inspired and oh so thankful that I was able to get to experience their struggle and joy with them. It is a story that I will never forget, and a couple that I will never forget. I pray that the Lord blesses their marriage and their gives them a child.
Husband and wife walk along riverbank.
Couple snuggles next to Indianapolis river.
Husband and wife snuggle for first anniversary pictures.
Wife looks at camera next to river.
Indianapolis couple snuggles next to Indianapolis river.
Husband and wife laugh while walking by rivers.
Bride's engagement ring and wedding band for 1st anniversary.
Plainfield couple laughs next to Hummel Park river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at camera next to river.
Hunsband kisses wife on forehead for first anniversary
Husband and wife stand next to riverbank in Indianapolis.
Plainfield couple kisses on Hummel Park bridge.
Indianapolis couple laughs as they walk next to river.
Indianapolis couple smiles at each other next to river.
Husband and wife kiss next to Plainfield river.
Indianapolis couple smiles as they walk by river.
Couple looks at each other next to Hummel Park River.
Husband holds wifes hands next to river.
Wife smiles at husband on Hummel Park bridge.
Indianapolis couple kisses on Hummel Park bridge.


Kayla and Tommy have been together since she was 18. Their love and faithfulness have grown and flourished during their marriage. And this year, they are celebrating their 9 year wedding anniversary. Through all of the ups and downs of life and the joy of starting a family, they have stood by each other as husband and wife. And this year, Kayla surprised Tommy with a Railroad Bridge Anniversary Session that would capture the love and diligence they have shared over the course of their marriage.

And I have to say, I could see their marriage in their session. I could see the adoration, the spark, and the dedication within the hour that I spent with them. The session was filled with laughter and spontaneous kisses that further my belief that what they have is real. Their personalities compliment each other in a way that made my job incredibly easy and a joy to capture.

Thank you Kayla and Tommy. I have been blessed to witness your love and spend time laughing along with you.